Interview: Dimitry Liss "Top 10 of 2009" follow-up

Interview: Dimitry Liss “Top 10 of 2009” follow-up

Dimitry Liss has been a 2009 friskyRecords prodigy with strong critical and DJ support and was featured in Fresh Produce’s most recent episode “The Top 10 of ‘09”. He joins us today from his hometown of Dubai.

Thank you so much Dimitry for sitting down with us!


Hello Ira, hello dear reader.


Our pick of your ’09 catalogue was the smoky “Subacid Kitchen”. Can you describe the thought process behind that particular track? Was there any specific inspiration?


To be completely honest with you Ira, it was awhile ago so I doubt I can accurately recollect my thought flow at the time, but I think it had something to do with vegetables, fruits and ham in my kitchen.  I love food especially when handled and served by professionals.

“Subacid Kitchen” is such an interesting title – where does the name come from?

You’re not the first one to ask me that question actually. Legacy of my trip-hop days.  As I mentioned already, the kitchen is a big turn on for me. It’s where different ingredients go in a bowl, sliced and diced to create something fresh and delicious. In many ways it’s like my production sessions, riddled with tasty sounds and melodies waiting to be put together for a delicious mix. Now that I put it into words I can’t help but notice that it comes off  as extremely weird.  Sounds a lot better in my head.

As a relatively new artist on the scene, who would you say influences you in your production work? Do you have someone mentoring your learning curve, or are you self-taught?

That would be Costas Papa. A great dj/ producer and a very good friend of mine. He tough me everything I know about EMP (Electronic Music Production), of course I picked up a lot form books and other producers since we first met but he was the one to lay down the basics for me. Pretty solid basics I must say.

Your background is interesting – a native Russian living in Dubai. How has the experience of living in such a burgeoning locale affected your taste in music? Has there been a strong EDM presence there?

Dubai is a very unique place, due to the fact that there is no such thing as EDM presence, more like EMD absence. People still mix up Britney Spears with trance music. So, this place offers me nothing but a warm climate to live in.

What’s next on the plate of Dimitry Liss in 2010?

A good question. 2010 will be a very busy year with loads  of new music in the pipeline and also getting ready for some live performances in the region and why not globally. Same old approach to production quality with new flavors to keep it interesting.

Lastly, if you can think back that far (which shouldn’t be too hard in your case, haha), what was the first 12”/Tape/CD/etc. you ever bought? And don’t try to make it cool either – mine personally is embarrassing.

Haha. Well let’s see. I have been listening to music for quite some time now.  My father is an old-school rocker, he was the one who introduced me to such classic bands of the past as Led Zeppeling, Deep Purple,  Pink Floyd, CCR, Velvet Underground I could go on and on. He started pretty early with me and my brother so I didn’t really have a chance to explore on my own. Every week I’d have a list of bands and tracks to listen to.

Back to your question Ira. I bought my first tape with my allowance money In summer 98, I was heavily into death metal at the time. Slayer’s  Seasons in the Abyss was my purchase that summer and still is one of my favorite albums. I did go out of line sometime later and bought scooter’s “How much is the fish” compact disk. Biggest mistake of my life. Well actually abandoning my piano lessons was the biggest and most significant one but that CD comes right after.

Dimitry, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Take care and best of luck in 2010.

Thank you for having me on your show Ira and for your wishes.


You can find more information on Dimitry Liss and his upcoming projects by visiting his myspace music page or purchase his music on

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