Interview: Henry Saiz, hectic as usual

Interview: Henry Saiz, hectic as usual

Henry Saiz; darling of the eminent Bedrock label, man behind the rising Natura Sonoris imprint and globe-trotting DJ. He was most recently featured on our top 10 list of 2009 for his work with Guy J on “Lamur”, and he was kind enough to sit down with his keyboard and answer a few questions.

2009 certainly was a breakout year for you – our pick to feature was your remix of “Lamur”. Was there anything particular that grabbed you about that track that made the collaboration end up so well?

I fell in love with the main melody the first time I heard it, the whole track is just stunning. It was quite a challenge to remix it, though when you really like a track, inspiration comes faster.

Any plans to collaborate with Guy J again in the near future?

For sure, he just made a amazing remix of my track “They came from the light;” very techno oriented, which is cool as the original is already very melodic. This is out on my label Natura Sonoris with some other great remixes. Also, we are always talking about doing a track together and I think this is something that will definitely happen as soon as we can.

Is there any particular artist or artists that would top your list of who you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet? Related to that, what contemporary artists would you say inspire and/or influence your current productions?

I will work again on some tracks with Marc Marzenit as soon as we get some time to spend in the studio together. I would love to try something with people like Trentemoller, Guy Gerber, Paul Kalkbrenner, Agoria, to name a few. They are some of the contemporary artists which I think are doing a really great work. Although, I think I’m more inspired by other kinds of music that I try to translate into dancefloor-oriented electronic music, like Prog-Rock, Krautrock and synthesizer music from the 70´s, IDM, 80´s funk and disco, etc…

We’ve noticed in several cases, including “Lamur”, that a similar but still different “unreleased” remix soon follows the original – do you find it hard to choose your final version of a remix?

Yes, I always make different takes and versions of almost every remix I make. And yes, it´s always hard to decide, this is why I use to release several versions and sometimes I use others for my live sets.

2009 also had a fantastic original release from you in the form of the “Madre Noche” EP. You’ve mentioned in the past working on a larger release like an artist album – can we look forward to anything as such in 2010? What’s next on the plate for Henry Saiz?

I’m currently trying to decide what to do this year, there are some really interesting projects in the pipeline but I can´t advance too much at the moment. I will make my first long play album soon, for sure, maybe this year, maybe next. I’m also working on my band Tyrane, so in any event this will be a really hectic year, as usual.

Finally, where can our Fresh Produce catch one of your formidable live shows in the coming weeks?

I have gigs in Malta, London at Ministry of sound, Brussels, Malasya, Amsterdam, Spain, Southamerica, you can check or for updated gig dates.

Thank you so much for your time Henry – very much appreciated.

My pleasure mate!

You can check out the releases of which Henry speaks by viewing his discography at or by visiting his website(s) listed above.