Fresh Produce 2011

We’re baaaaaack!


After a five month hiatus, Fresh Produce will be back on the air this Wednesday, May 16, 2011 at 7pm Pacific on our parent station


We do have some changes to announce – the show and podcast will now be a monthly affair, not because of a lack of quality in the weekly format, but simply because your dear host needs to be able to pursue other exciting things in life! 😛


After this week’s broadcast, we’ll be airing every 1st Wednesday of the month in our traditional 7pm timeslot. Podcast and site download will likewise be available right after the broadcast.


The actual format of the show will remain the same, commentary from your host and live interviews with guest tastemakers and artists featured on the show.


It’s been too long, wouldn’t you agree? Super excited to be back! Tune in this wednesday, May 18th and get your socks rocked off 🙂