Episode 031: July 13, 2011

Summer is once again in full swing – definitely feeling it here recently at Fresh Produce HQ in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. It means summer bombs are also heating up for the festival circuit, which is always something we look forward to. So strap on in, we’ve got a little bit of it all today.


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Featuring music from Digger’s Structures Two mixed comp, Florence + The Machine meets Mark Knight, Mauro Picotto, Joseph Capriati, Niko Fantin and much more.


1. Dibby Dougherty & David Young – Tiger Forest (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

Really interesting timing from Diggers with this one here – this track is off his second entry to the “Structures” mixed compilation series which he introduced last year, and there’s not really much to indicate summer in this one, some tracks are downright chilly, as is this one. Certainly tabbed to be one of the standout tracks of the lot, two versions are featured in the EP, we chose the original. Delicious stuff from the UK duo.


2. Joseph Capriati – Psychology [Drumcode]

Love love LOVE this guy! Italy has some major techno producers in it’s stockhold, Joseph easily being my favorite. His shit is dark, driving, and has this relentless edginess that exudes sweaty dancefloor abandon. This one in particular suits my personal style, with it’s moody prog-like synth work, but there are other shades to see that will tickle any technophile’s fancy.


3. Mauro Picotto – Arrival (Logotech remix) [Alchemy]

Yup, two Italians in a row. What’s going on over there? Techno with your Chianti, yes please. Picotto is following up his truly sensational artist album release last year with a series of remix EP’s, this one from 23 year-old Logotech. Not very familiar with his work as of yet, but this one has my ears perked for all the reasons I loved the previous track. Lovely techno to stomp your feet to.


4. Pig & Dan – Lights (NHB & Fabrizio Pettorelli remix) [Addicted Records]

Major bassline alert – something that we’ve seen from our favorite Spaniards before. Always love their original works, “Lights” actually one of the more standout selections we think, and they’re getting some help here from another set of Italians, the duo Not Hard Beatz (aka NHB), and Fabrizio Petorelli. It’s a revolution out there people, better get behind the flag. I can’t think of much more to say really, just listen to this bassline drop…or better yet, buy the track, and then watch it destroy your dancefloor.


5. Niko Fantin – Futterwacken [Frisky Records]

MMmmmmm, okay, me and this track go way back seeing as I was the one who signed and released it on the friskyRecords imprint. It’s been a chart burner, one of the more successful releases Frisky has seen of late and certainly one of Niko finest this year. Fitting into the sweat-driven theme of the day, it’s relentless from beginning to end, and Fantin who is usually decidedly on the progressive side of house has infused some majorly heavy techno influences on this one. It’s a top 10 of the year contended for me.


6. Cid Inc. – Blizzard [Replug]

I always feel like I never feature Cid Inc. enough on this show – he’s a machine people, just listen to his discography from the last six months. This one is his most anthemic entry hands down. Such a great hook, it has appeal for those who like their melody and those who just like their beats alike. You can really really hear the fatty bass that he contributed to Mashtronic that turned them into techno icons. It’s out on his own Replug and I’m sure we’ll see a series of remixes for it on the horizon. We hope so anyway, what great source material.


7. Placebo – Running up that hill (Dibby Dougherty & David Young remix) [bootleg]

This ditty is a remix of a remake – Kate Bush’s seminal “Running up that Hill” famously recieved the redux from brit rocker Placebo who really put it on the map in 2003. Well our UK duo of the day Dibby Dougherty and David Young have done some re-fashioning of their own and released this booty mix a few weeks ago. It’s understated and slick in a way that only enhances the original, and just wonderfully done overall. Bravo to these two, it’s a big month for them.


8. Florence + The Machine – You’ve got the Love (Mark Knight remix) [Toolroom Records]

So summer blockbusters are out, so goes the music world. Mark Knight continues his trend of working with some of the biggest pop stars on the planet (hello Underworld from last year) and paired his talents with one of the truest prodigies on the planet right now in Florence + The Machine…what did you think was going to happen? It’s a #1 currently, and it’s well deserved. Massive stuff.


9. Patrice Baumel – Mike Tyson (Max Cooper remix) [Trouw]

Dutch producer Patrice Baumel is reworked by one of the best remixers on the planet here in Max Cooper, a man who stakes his claim on truly working a remix from the ground up. It’s a track with a little more drive than we expected, and it seemed the perfect and fitting end to a set that’s really ripped by this month. Cooper’s slicing and dicing is always impressive, especially when he has some fantastic melody writing to work with and Baumel has provided here. Lovely stuff.


That’s our show this month! We’re sad to see this one go by so fast, but always excited to be right back here next month with the new hot shit. Join us on twitter or find us on facebook to keep up to the minute with what’s out there. Remember to think outside the genre box, buy your music, and keep it freshy fresh. See you on the flip!

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