Episode 032: October 2011

Hello everyone and welcome back! Killer show this month, just could help but jump on the show this month, so much amazing stuff coming out. Fall is upon us, *already*. Love this time of year, the beats seem to get it little chillier and the bass a little deeper…just how we like it.


[download] or stream the full show below:

Featuring music from Henry Saiz & Guy J, Whebba, Luis Junior, Egbert, Fractal System, and much much more!


1. Astronivo – Just a Feeling (Luis Junior remix) [eVapour8]

Luis Junior, how appropriate is he as our first track of the day today since he’s easily our pick as the most interesting techno producer on the planet right now. And it’s not the only time he’s featured on the show today. His percussion on this number stands out particularly. Rife with contradiction, it manages to be mellow and driving all at the same time.


2. Monaque – You Can’t Stop (Luis Junior) [Vapour Recordings]

Mr. Junior turns up the bass a hefty notch on this next one, which is off of Vapour recordings *extremely* well done 100th release. It’s a bit of a comeback for a label that dominated the progressive scene for a decent chunk in the middle of the last decade, and then slipped a bit into passe. But they’re back, A&R’ing like geniuses, and this compilation is a MUST. You’ll hear it again before the day is out.


4. Shabu Vibes – Criminal Twist (Pig & Dan remix) [Mcgroove records]

They’re in every show, Pig & Dan, master artists of the techno remix. It’s really that bassline on this one, almost sounding timpanic, staccato, mixing with the other percussion. It’s a fantastic example of the two Spaniards’ genius touch with sequencing. It’s out on the Italian imprint Mcgroove which has hits right now all over the genre charts.


5. Whebba – Double Standards (Joseph Capriati remix) [Tronic]

Whebba hails from Brazil, and if memory serves, it’s his first time being featured on Fresh Produce. He’s no stranger, however, with familiar work on the heavy hitting Bedrock, Toolroom, Soma, and the like. Joseph Capriati you should all know by now we simply can’t resist. Dark, driving, badass beats. Perfect fall music. It’s out on Tronic, Christian Smith’s label.


6. Steve Slight – Triton (Egbert remix) [Rhythm Convert]

We’re digging down a little deeper on this one, little mood changer. I hope you have some killer bass in your headphones, because otherwise you’re pretty much missing what gives this song its balls. Egbert has been on the show before, but never showcasing some heft quite like this. Steve Slight provided the original, a newcomer from Belgium who’s toiled behind the shadow of Ramon Tapia for a couple years…it’s obviously time to give him his due. Top stuff.


7. Guy J & Henry Saiz – Meridian [Bedrock]

Two of the Bedrock darlings, together at last. Perhaps best know previously for Saiz’s remix of Guy J’s “Lamur” back two years ago, it was THIS VERY SHOW that told Mr. Saiz he should get on a full collaboration with Guy J, and here we are. We’d like to take credit for it. It was worth the wait, and there’s more to come; Eric Prydz has done a remix out soon that clubland is all aflutter over (preview it here)…so stay tuned. Dreamteam activate.


8. Infusion – Love & Imitation (Guy J remix) [Vapour Recordings]

Yup, a version of this track was on our very last show, with a remix from Luis Junior. I tell you, those lads travel in small circles right now, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Luis Junior…all burgeoning titans. The Israeli opts for a cavernous take on a track already with sweeping scope. It’s so freaking warm, it’s better than a sweater, which is good news when the weather is taking a turn for the cold. Also off the afforementioned 100th Vapour release…again, a must have.


9.Fractal System – If I Die (Superstrobe remix) [Plasma Digital]

Favorite track of the day, Fractal System rarely travels in our circles, but when they do it’s pretty dynamite. Superstrobe is another one of those techno producers who just can’t help but dabble in melody, and his mixture with Fractal’s decidedly Electro tastes is an absolutely fabulous blend. The vocal is undeniable and it just screams hit single. Well done lads. It’s also our last track of the day.


Well thank you all for hanging tight with us and joining us this week. We hope the show was worth the wait, it certainly was for us. Remember to catch up with us on facebook and twitter for the most up-to-the-minute information about us and the music. Remember too to think outside the genre box, buy your music, and keep it fresh. We will be back right here next month for more Fresh Produce, see you on the flip!

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