The Blog Challenge

Here we are. Day one.

I’m using the WordPress iPad app to write this from bed…not my own iPad, mind you, but that situation may change here shortly. I do kind of love the idea of being in bed and able to write without the heat and whirring fan noise of a laptop. The power of flash memory. Pretty awesome. Soon enough our computers will be just as silent as this iPad. Or a Prius.

Anyway, a friend of mine recently accomplished a 60-day challenge to write a blog entry every day. I’ve never been one to write a journal or diary on a regular basis, but I do enjoy a challenge AND I do like the idea of journaling. Keeping track of my days. Going back and seeing where my head was at.

To be honest, whenever I’m presented with the opportunity to go back and look at personal writing from the past, it almost invariably embarrasses me. I sound pretentious. And I use stupid words like “invariably” and “pretentious.” But…it never seems to stop me from using them again, so what the hell. Bring on the embarrassment.

Lots of change going on around here in this life of mine, there should be plenty to write about. So, I will. And I’m excited to do it. 🙂