Day 7: Monday Monday

Day 7: Monday Monday

I have an interesting relationship with Monday. At least, interesting for the past couple years that I’ve divorced myself from a full time “day job.” I still have a day job, mind you; typing this blog isn’t paying the bills, unfortunately. I have a couple day jobs, in fact. But both of them allow me to set my own schedule. Both a blessing and curse, let me tell y’all, but we’ll save that for another bloggity blog. Today’s is about Mondays!

By virtue of the fact that I don’t have to stare down the barrel of being forced to spend 8 hours somewhere I *really* don’t want to be, Mondays are a clean slate. The start of the week, fresh off the heals of a recuperative weekend, and I find I can be my most ambitious, my most energetic. The work week hasn’t exhausted me yet. Today, I was able to get 9 hours of work done on one job and 2 hours on another. Granted, I’m pretty freaking tired right now, but I was able to get *extra* work done today. To catch up a little.

I’m always behind with my work. Which is funny, because I get to decide how much work I need to do. Face value, that sounds like a dream, but the nightmare side of it is that I only get paid for what I actually finish. So I set myself lofty goals. And usually get almost there. I can’t help it, I’ve really tried, and I’ve gotten much better at reducing the shortfall of the “almost” part compared to the “there” part. But, rare is the day where I make up ground this early in the game. And it felt good.

I even did the hour of writing, real writing, that I promised myself I would do every day. I’ve broken that promise too many times people. Not today. I’m writing a spec for Hannibal, which is SO GOOD by the way. The TV show. Brilliant! For anyone who’s unfamiliar, a spec is a TV script of an existing show that someone unemployed like me writes to get employed. It’s not to sell it, in fact, the writers of Hannibal are prevented by law from ever reading it. But anyone from another show can, and there are lots of crime dramas out there. It’s my first real spec, actually. I’ve written others, but not for the specific purpose of using it to try and get a job. It’s a very specific exercise, which I’m finding so far to be enjoyable. I like the specific framework of making an effective spec, makes it easier to get going. And we wrote four pages in an hour today, my spec script and I. Good pages too, I hope. We shall see when I read them tomorrow!

So yeah, me and Mondays, Mondays and I, we’re cool. If I screwed up the week before, it doesn’t matter as much on Monday, because before me stretches a pristine week, ready to be not-screwed-up. Another chance to do everything that I told myself I was going to do. It doesn’t happen every Monday, it’s not like I’m saying I’ve discovered some sort of “secret” or anything. But it’s great when I do find it.

Okay, my iPad is starting to wobble in my vision, aka tired time. I stared at an “A” for literally five seconds solid trying to figure out if it was slanting because of a fancy font thing or if I was losing consciousness. It is the latter. Benadryl is a powerful force not to be trifled with, apparently. Ya, Benadryl. My LA peeps know what I’m talking about; allergies are fucking bananas right now.

No proof reading. We’ll see if this thing is all actually gobbledygook tomorrow 😛 Something to look forward to!