Day 8: Site is Down!

Day 8: Site is Down!

The blog is down!

That’s what my browser is so passionless-ly telling me. SITE UNAVAILABLE.

So this will be posted sometime after I’m writing it, which is weird. But ultimately fine. You won’t know the difference.

What’s not fine is the downtime. I *just* re-upped with my hosting company after coming sooooo very close to leaving them for this very issue. Literally, like two days ago. And it’s not like this site here is breaking any traffic records. Or even take up large quantities of disk space either. We’ll just have to see if the problem persists, won’t we? Pretty sure there’re still promises of “99.99%” up-time in the purchasing details somewhere…

Today was a work day for my money job. I work two “jobs” for those who don’t know. One makes the money I need to pay the bills, the other puts a roof over my head. The former is an editing job I work from home; I put visuals to audio recordings of professors doing lectures on various general education courses for college. I like to describe them as “glorified power point presentations” and that’s essentially what they are. It’s misleading to say that I’m an “editor” for a living, makes you think more of films and wedding videos, but it’s technically what I do.

My other job is working as an on-site manager for an apartment building. It sounds like the dreamiest of dream jobs to have, and the positive aspects of it are, but it is most definitely a “job.”

So yeah…that’s what I do full time. Keeps me pretty busy.

Today was awesome because I was able to finish early enough to spend the evening with Liz, eating and watching stuff on our DVR. A DVR, by the way, that is *impossibly* full of stuff right now to catch up on. It always gets this way when the new seasons of TV start each fall and spring. We watch those shows to be nice and current with our industry, which naturally causes the shows we *really* want to watch to build up. That’s where we’re at right now; trying to catch up on the shows we like (or “tolerate” in some cases. Looking at you “Walking Dead”).

Thumbs up this year for new shows that got our attention:
-Sleepy Hollow (Liz has stayed with this one and is still watching it)
-The Goldbergs
-Blacklist (pilot was a total surprise, haven’t watched the rest yet)
-Sean saves the world (pilot made us laugh, rare for a multi-cam)
-Dracula (either terrible or amazing, we’re not sure)

Our staples in the fall season:
-Boardwalk Empire
-Walking Dead
-Eastbound & Down
-Scandal (Liz’s jelly-jam)
-Hello Ladies

It’s a lot…hence you see the DVR problem 😛

It’s a golden age of scripted cable television though, guys. It’s probably another blog post, but it’s better story telling than movies. Think about it; what would you rather have your favorite book done as today, a movie, or a series on HBO?

First time in history I think that TV has been more effective at telling stories than films. It’s exciting 🙂