Day 14: Two weeks!

Day 14: Two weeks!

I think this is the longest I’ve ever written consecutively…which now that I see it staring back at me in unforgiving black and white isn’t very long! Not very long at all.

But hey, it’s still an Ira Heinichen record. *cue adoring applause*

As I’m sitting here, checking in with what’s transpired in the two weeks that have passed since, it’s a lot. Let’s see, I’ve editing together 17 videos for my work, collected rent (ie- the busiest time of my apartment managing job), had my mother turned down for her surgery and thus NOT travelled up to the bay to take care of her (which would have been close at this point to wrapping up), had a writers’ meltdown (see yesterday), and I guess now emerged on the other side the better for it all.

Today, in particular, was a productive day. I followed through on my promise to myself and spent an hour today (almost an hour, I did eat for a couple minutes to be completely truthful) looking up places to make new friends and contacts. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? If I’m changing my focus, my specific aim, towards writing now, I need a new group don’t I?

The WGA, that’s writers’ union the run this town if you weren’t in-the-know, has a foundation much like SAG, and they hold events with current professionals to come by and hold talks and answer questions by other members and aspiring members such as yours truly. And legit people too; next week it’s the writers of the new Thor. After that it’s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci who wrote the first Star Trek reboot.

So, the journey begins. Tomorrow, I look up some more informal gatherings, see where that takes me.

It’s been a good two weeks. I’m glad to be here.