Day 15: The Beard is Dead; Long Live the Mustache

Day 15: The Beard is Dead; Long Live the Mustache

I did it. I shaved the beard of doom. In its place is a glorious mustache. I know, I kind of tipped that it was likely to happen a couple days ago, but at the point, I wasn’t actually sure I was going to do it.

Yes, I do realize that I’ve now written TWO entries about a damn beard. “What’s next?” you quite justifiably challenge. “You going to write about trimming your toe nails?”

The answer to that question is no, I keep them just long enough to inflict sweet sweet revenge upon the Ho for all the times she’s dutch-ovened me. But, I do recognize your point. Not all blog entries can be gold! Especially those of the daily variety.

Today was a work day, and work I did. But, tomorrow is a rest day. It’s a new format. I’ve tried various forms of “schedules” throughout the week to both make my life more enjoyable and, more importantly, more productive. The good news is that, lately, I’ve been extremely productive. The bad news is that I’ve also, lately, been shirking my writing duties and been damned tired at the end of pretty much every day. And, that’s not so good. So; new experiment. I noticed I’d always been very productive the first two days of the week, then the middle couple lag, and I then try to make that up on Friday and, more often than not, the weekend. Which is a recipe for disaster because that just sets me up to be exhausted again by mid-week the next week. So…I figured that if I added slightly more work those first two days of the week, took Wednesday off, and then added a little more to the last two days…poof, I’m getting just a much done, making just as much money, and I have one more *entire day* off. Sounds great, right? We’ll see…it’s only day two, but it is looking promising.

Cooper was especially affectionate all day today, for some reason. We’ve settled into such a routine, he and I. I think tonight, I’ll keep things short so I can make up some of my lost writing time today (yeah, that happened), but there is going to be a blog sometime soon about a day in the life of Cooper and Ira. Riveting stuff. Stay tuned. Cooper also needs a bath, like cray cray. Just thought you should know.

So, that’s it. Mom is feeling better, which is a relief. The wedding continues to be planned and (already) spend huge amounts of money. I continue to forget that I need to go grocery shopping…and I’m tired. Mustache’d and tired. I’ve taken lately to watching Voyager on my iPad…the past two nights I’ve tried to get in bed early enough to watch some, and it hasn’t happened. Tonight may be the night!

Wish me luck.