Day 20: I think I'm too into sports

Day 20: I think I’m too into sports

It can be a problem sometimes. Liz can attest.

So, today is sunday, and the past few years I’ve enjoyed watching the Niners play on sundays. It’s (usually) enjoyable because the Niners are (usually) a good team and they (usually) win. Yeah, that hasn’t happened the past couple weeks. And each of these last two weeks, it’s kind of killed my mood during and afterwards, which, if you factor in the 3-4 hours of the game, and a couple hours after that…it’s a long time!

Which is *moronic* if I really stop and think about it. It’s a freaking game. Completely beyond my control. Something designed to thrill and entertain me. And I’m getting legitimately upset when things don’t go the way I want. It’s a little more spread out during baseball season – it’s such a long season, it’s hard to get upset too much at one game…but then that’s also kind of the problem too, isn’t it? Baseball happens *every* *day* and I’m committing myself for 3-4 hours most of those days to sitting down and watching. That’s so much time!

I was sitting down to get work done after watching the 49ers lose the game that most thought they *would* lose, there’s a way to look at it, in fact, and say that it was amazing they were even in a position to win at all…and thinking to myself, “I feel so stupid right now. Sitting here and thinking about this game. Why is this so important to me?”

On one hand it seems so harsh to try and deny myself something that I really do love so much as watching sports. But on the other hand, I don’t want them to affect me as much as they do, at least when it’s not the playoffs (haha…but I’m also dead serious). It can’t be pleasant for Liz or Cooper, not that I go crazy, mind you, but they’re not stupid. They know I get “moody” for a while after my team embarrasses themselves.

So yeah…I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months now…how much time I invest into watching sports, and how much ego I invest in how well they do. I think it’s an area that *can* change. I don’t think it must be this way. At least, that’s the hope. It doesn’t have to be so intense.

Now, granted, I *was* able to let it go an hour later, get the work done I needed to, eat some dinner, and watch “Almost Human” with the Bear. Which was all very satisfying. “Almost Human” was…okay. It felt like Fringe, actually, but with Robocop twist. And I do mean Robocop. I was expecting Blade Runner, and that’s I think what they were going for with the way they stylized everything, but it is definitely far more Robocop. And, Robocop isn’t really my favorite. But, the most important thing for me, was that I liked the two actors playing the leads. They were good. Good enough?. We’ll see ๐Ÿ˜›

PS – Liz totally confirmed I get too into sport, which I totally knew she would ๐Ÿ˜› I won’t throw her under the bus, since this is my moment under the bus, but she gets too into stuff too. It’s natural, I know that. But hey, I’m thinking this is one that can change ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hidden in all this, guys, is that for the first time I think ALL YEAR…I am 100% on schedule with work…which means I work tomorrow and Tuesday, and I have an ENTIRE DAY OFF…I won’t know what to do with myself. I might play 18 holes of golf. I might not even get out of bed. It will be glorious!