Day 22: Account Suspended!

Day 22: Account Suspended!

High drama this morning. This here website had a big fat “account suspended” banner across it in the wee hours of today. I ran through the usual checklist in my head: hosting fees paid? check. Hacked into? Hope not. Rampant adult video hosting? Totally moved that to my other site.

It was a mystery. And still is. Not even my hosting company knew how it had happened.

It really wasn’t that interesting, it just seemed like a fun headline to grab eyeballs. I’m a liar, and I’m not sorry 🙂

Today was another one of those “hijacked” days, unfortunately. Didn’t get nearly enough work done. Should be doing that right now, in fact. Working. See, I really really want tomorrow to be a full day off. And I’m trying to earn that. It’s going to happen either way. But I really wanted it to be day off when I’d finished all the work I should have.

Sitting here, I feel less guilt about that, though, because I did *legitimately* work as much as I could today. But between waking up two hours late because I thought I’d set my alarm, really did, maintenance stuff with my building, eating, a bitch of a lesson that took up my entire morning and only counted for 4 minutes of work, and taking care of the Cooper…I didn’t have any time to catch up by the time the evening came around.

Then, it was off to my FIRST writing event in LA…it’s totally weird to say that, but it was my first. I’ve done soooo many acting events over the past several years, but never a writing one. It was very informative; I listened, I took notes, I laughed, and I shook hands. It could *totally* just be me, but the writers crowd seemed so much more low-key. Liz thought so too. We’ll see if that stays true, I’m not convinced it will. The stereotype-ists…typing away on their stereotypes…would say that makes sense. Actors by nature of their craft need to be more extroverted, while writers would be more introverted. I just know so many introverted actors that I find it hard to believe. We. Shall. See.

Ultimately, tonight just reminded me that this whole new focus thing HAS to be a two-pronged approach. You’re not a writer if you haven’t written. And you can’t get hired on something unless you go out and meet people. The two are inseparable, and 100% effort is required in both areas. So…it’s a start. Thinking about a smaller piece right now that’s freshly imagined, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll try and crank that out here in the next week or so. See…not sure how it works for everyone else out there, but once something has formed clearly in my head, the writing pours out very very quickly. But when it’s muddy…it can be a struggle. That sentiment was echo’d tonight by one of the writers who was talking; about how you can outline like a motherfucker, but often times when it comes time to sit down and *actually* write the scene…nothing is there. Sometimes just “putting pen to paper,” as it were, works; sometimes it doesn’t.

So yeah…it’s getting those two sides working together at the same time…while getting my paid work in…sigh. Why the fuck did I ever decide to do this? I should have been a fucking banker.

I’ll find a way, guys. I will find a way.