Today's Track: "Killa" by Way Out West

Today’s Track: “Killa” by Way Out West


It’s Friday! Time for some epic-ness. And hardly any more so that this track.

It was the track that got me a spot on Frisky Radio way back in 2005…opener for my Summer Promo that I called “Balls to the Wall.” It was also the track that got me two residencies in downtown Fullerton where I was going to college. So…thank you Nick and Jody, the two who actually wrote the thing. I benefited from your genius 😛

Others out there “in the know” will remember that 2005 was the year everything changed in progressive house. “Electro” swept in and quite literally, in the blink of an eye, dark melodic stuff like this was passe. Within the span of one WMC in March, NOBODY was playing this kind of music. Bad timing, I’m afraid, for the Way Out West boys…and for me. I didn’t like electro…it was too housey. In retrospect, I was simply too far removed from the scene to catch on to what was, actually, some really cool stuff. Isolated as I was, it took me a solid year to figure out that, for me, the future was “techno.”

Anyway…the track rocks. Enjoy 🙂


And for a REAL blast from the past, this is the original posting in the friskyForums…8 years ago