Day 29: Empire State of Mind

Day 29: Empire State of Mind

My brother, Seth, came into town today. We were talking about it, and he literally hasn’t come down to LA and visited for four years. FOUR YEARS. That shit’s cray. I mean, I do get to see him every time I go back up home, but four years is a long time to not have made a trip south.

Having him in town today reminded me how much stuff there is to do in LA. He, and his now long-time girlfriend Queena (yes, that’s her real name, and it’s amazing. She has a brother named King. It’s a royal family) had all their jeans stolen from the laundromat near their house just before coming down here, so they needed to go find some jeans. We did that. LA’s got shopping.

We also went to BCD Tofu House and got some Korean spicy tofu, Soon Tofu if you want to get all techincal, and they loved it. LA’s got diverse delicious food. Seriously, if you’ve never gone and had Korean tofu, you are missing out big time. Look it up wherever you are. See if they have it. It comes in these boiling stone bowls, so hot it’s still boiling, and inside is pillowy softy soft tofu in a spicy red broth with your meat of choice. Then you crack a raw egg and add that shit in and it cooks in the boiling deliciousness while you grab your side of rice and start adding that in, and your set. You dive in and enjoy.

Then, tonight, we went to what was (so sadly) the last “Star Dreck” in the NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics — if you remember, avid blog-reader, the Ho and I went there last week to meet some TV/Film writers, which was where I saw the info on the upcoming show. Anyway, it’s a Mystery Science Theatre 3000-type live roasting of various Star Trek episodes with special guests. Tonight was Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist podcast/Talking Dead/Comedy Central fame, and Whil Wheaton of Wesley Crusher on TNG and Twitter fame.

Okay, so there were A LOT of dick jokes being tossed around, but it really didn’t matter because it was “All good things,” the last episode of TNG, and one of the only show finale’s in history that is actually good, and the guys were all hilarious. Genuinely. Was laughing and having a wonderful time the whole way through. And Seth and Queena had a great time too. Apparently, Seth had been talking about going all the last week since I’d asked him if he was interested in going.

Then we traipsed home and Robocop 2 was on while we ate some food before bed. Dude! Did you know that shit was directed by Irvin Kershner? Like, the guy who directed “Empire Strikes Back” which is, legitimately, one of the best movies ever made. That caused me to look up the rest of his resume, and there’s not a ton on there. Lots of “B” movies. That stuff is always interesting to me, how flashes of brilliance can sometimes show up and then disappear. And, I don’t mean that as a slight in the slightest (see what I did there?) — dude still has “Empire” which will always be one of the best ever. Brilliance is brilliance. By nature if the definition, it stands on its own merit.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. It’s time for bed. Liz is watching “It’s Judy’s Life” like she always does, and even THEY just said good night. It’s time.

Night y’all!