Day 30: Time

Day 30: Time

It’s crazy, I’ve written for 30 days straight. It’s wasn’t even really a “goal” per se, it was just something I decided I wanted to do…needed to do? I don’t know, the point is I did it.

I think it’s about stability. Routine. That’s the biggest thing that had been missing in my life since deciding to kinda uproot everything a couple years ago. Well, not quite *everything*, but a lot of stuff.

It’s also crazy to me that December is very nearly here, and that means 2013 is almost over. Literally, will BE over in the blink of an eye. Just picture me shaking my head and pretending like I’m an old fart. Because that’s what I’m doing right now.

Typing this from my computer in the office because I stayed up a little late catching up on some editing work. I’ve once again found myself behind. My bro came into town, what can I say? I knew it was going to happen. And I’m glad he’s here. That’s life, baby…I admit, knowing that he would be here and it would throw me off my “routine” did, actually, make me feel out of sorts prior to his arrival. I realize that makes me sound like I have OCD…and perhaps I have created that to a certain extent, but 1) that was out of complete necessity, I was flailing at self control, and 2) all that completely went out the window as soon as he got here. It’s perspective, you know? Who cares about keeping your perfectly rigid work schedule when life is happening? Loved ones are here, wanting to spend time me. How can I help but just enjoy that?

We had another nice day today; took Seth and Queena to where we do agility training with Cooper. Wasn’t my idea, it was the Ho’s, but hot diggety dog was it a gold mine. We had Seth and Queena do most of the runs with Cooper, and they loved it. Like, Seth literally told me that it changed his perception on “dog people.” Granted, there are sooooo many “dog people” that are insufferable…thinking their dogs are people and treating them as such…hopefully it’s obvious that Liz and I don’t subscribe to such behavior. But, what changed Seth’s viewpoint was actually how much dogs actually give BACK in a relationship. How someone really is “home” behind those eyes, and paying very very very close attention to you…and how much that connection means, not just affection-wise, but how much you can have fun with that. Ie- running them delightfully around a room with obstacles. It’s fun. Dogs are fun.

Seth also did some playing of “Assassins’ Creed IV,” the one where you’re a pirate, which is a lot of fun to even just watch. We took him yesterday to go and rent it, since he doesn’t ever play on “consoles” and we have an Xbox. And, Liz and Queena had some fun going through plays since Queena will be competing for an Irene Ryan award in February. If any of my Fullerton peeps are reading this, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a theatre festival broken up regionally, and you prepare scenes and a monologue or song, then compete, and the winners move on to Nationals. I was fortunate enough to be a semi-finalist the year I went, and someone from Fullterton actually won our region that year. Fullerton took that shit super seriously too 😛  Seems like a very long time ago, actually. 7 years, which *is* a decent chunk of time, but it feels even longer ago.

Anyway, enough about time talk. It’s *time* for bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. I love you all 😉