Day 31: The Feast

Day 31: The Feast

Today was Thanksgiving – went grocery shopping with Seth and Queena so they could make some pumpkin pie from scratch. I also showered and shaved off the mustache which, unfortunately according to general consensus, was “out of control.” Then helped here and there with getting everything prepared whilst we watched the Macy’s Day parade, and a little bit of the dog show (can’t remember the name of it).

Then, we ate, watched “Love, Actually” like we do every Thanksgiving, and then ended up playing a solid four or five hours of Cranium and Cards Against Humanity. Sandwiched inside that was a visit to a building that I’m watching for another manager who’s out of town, to investigate a leak underneath a dishwasher. The incoming pipe had been leaking, and I think it’s leaked all the way across their kitchen floor, in addition to ruining some cabinets. Bummer for them.

Take it from an apartment manager; if there is *ever* water where it’s not supposed to be, you need to deal with that shit immediately. Time will only make it worse and more expensive 😛

Oh, and we also took the Coops on his normal nighttime walk, and Seth and Queena tagged along, which was awesome. The area just south of where we live is such a nice neighborhood. It’s so much fun to walk.

About an hour ago, I developed a raging headache, which I figured was probably allergy-related since that’s about the time the 12 hour pill I took was due to wear off. So I took two Benadryl…yeah, two…and right now I’m literally falling asleep writing this post.

So, to conclude this one, this is what I’m thankful for:

Seth & Queena, for coming down this year to see how we do Thanksgiving
This keyboard
This blog, for making me write
My friends, without whom the world would be a darker, dull, and laughter-less place
Readers (that’s you)
My health
This iPad I’m writing on
My job
Writers and Actors and Directors…artists I guess. Creative people
LA’s bizarre, but amazing weather
Other stuff and people
And sleep…

…which is where I’m headed. Work tomorrow!