Day 33: Marathon

Day 33: Marathon

Syfy channel was doing a

Weird way to start the blog, I know. But the estimable Liz Ho that you all keep hearing about just caused my iPad to come crashing down upon my hands, and the damn thing posted itself prematurely. No, that’s not a metaphor. If only. And, I’ve now decided that moment shall live hilariously on forever by leaving the sentence exactly the way it is 🙂

What I *was* going to say is the Syfy channel was doing a Star Trek movie marathon today, and I think for the first time, they were all in HD which makes it all the more fun. Shatner’s pores have never looked better. I caught glimpses of IV, First Contact, VI, and Generations. And I say “glimpses” because I was on a marathon of my own today; as self-ascribed work marathon.

I won’t drone on about work for too long, but I will say that I’m officially half way to that “missions accomplished” I was so very much desiring in last night’s entry. Operation “get up early” worked like a charm, I was miraculously able to stay on target throughout the day, and I crossed the finish line with the single most productive editing day I’ve ever had. Oh…those words hurt me so to see, I hope my “wins” can grow in the near future, believe me, but it was still a win goddamnit.

I felt like a total zombie afterwards, until I had some food (brains, naturally, being in the zombie mood), and then sat down on the couch with the Ho and we watched some boardwalk empire together after watching the Trojans get manhandled by their crosstown rivals for a few minutes was sufficiently off-putting. That show is so good. Boardwalk, not the SC game. We have a ton of catching up to do, like 6 episodes, but I’m hearing buzzing about some amazing shit coming down the pipe. Nothing specific, and if you watch the show, spare me any details. We’ll catch up quickly enough.

So…early blog tonight, turning in early for bed. Gonna get up early tomorrow and repeat the process, with a “Made of Clay” meeting thrown in the middle. Poor Josh. I didn’t write about it last night because I was too embarrassed, but I spaced a meeting with him last night. Stood him up, as it were. I’ve done it once before, to my recollection, which means it was doubly horrible. I’d warrant that my brother being in town and the stress over being so far behind on work had something to do with it, but at the end of the day that’s no excuse. When you fuck up, you take responsibility. So yeah…I felt awful. Hopefully he was having a great day and was looking forward to something after meeting me that he was just able to get to even sooner. We’ll see when I show up tomorrow, tail sufficiently tucked under.

Josh is watching Deep Space Nine these days, just diving into season 5, which if I remember correctly, is when stuff really starts to get cooking plot-wise. I loved that show when it was first on. It was actually my favorite.

Liz just interrupted me (again) to ask my if I’d ever cook in a “white button-down shirt over jeans, sleeves rolled up to show my rippling forearms, and unbuttoned a couple buttons.” My answer was obviously hell no. First off, that white shirt is a guaranteed stain factory, second, why leave my massively manly forearms exposed as a burn surface, and third, same goes for my freaking chest. Out there in the open, just waiting for a stray droplet of boiling oil to land and ruin my nipple forever. No, thanks. Apparently, that’s what the son of Satan is doing in the romance novel she’s reading. To which I replied, oh, well he deserves his fate then.

I was going to go off and Star Trek, but cooking attire trumped it. We’ll have to save that for another entry.

Night y’all 🙂

Ps- the feature image I found for tonight is just a must-see in it’s full form: