Day 36: Solar Wind

Day 36: Solar Wind

There is some wind back in my sails. Gonna be real, I was *really* tired last night when I wrote the blog post. But, I did the right thing, I went to bed, got up on time this morning, did my shit, and here I am, propped up in bed, being serenaded by Liz’s Sonicare from the bathroom. And, I’m pleasantly tired.

What a world of difference a day makes. There’s wind back in my sails, people! I’m a tomorrow away from being caught up on work, I get to play tennis in the morning, which is always an energizer, and the Ho and I are planning to set up our christmas tree. “But, it’s so early!” you protest. Yes…but then again, we leave to go up north in two weeks, a full week before christmas…so it’s just about perfect. The tree is always crispy-fried by the time we get back after the new year, but even that’s fun too. Who doesn’t like to leave a massive trail of needles from their living room to the downstairs dumpster 🙂

Coops is so cute, it hurts my brain-parts. He’s all curled up on my corner of the bed right now, ready for sleep. He’s been a little weird lately. I think it’s because the routine has been changed up a bit lately, which I think, rather than putting him back on his routine, should mean that we keep trying to vary it ever so slightly. I don’t want to NOT give him routine, but at the same time, I don’t want him too set in his ways as to be nervous when things change. It’s a conflict. I think I also might be paying too much attention to his moments of nerosis, ie- feeding them energy, and therefore they grow. Like giving him attention when he’s asking for attention…not good alpha behavior. I’m trying people! I’m trying! I also overthink stuff…obviously. What can I say?

If you’ve seen any of the Today’s Track stuff, I’ve obviously been listening to some old stuff. Well, today I dug up a couple oldies. My Summer Promo from 2005, the summer before my last year in college, and the set that got me onto Friskyradio. Back in the day, young squires, Faisal had an open submissions FTP, and I’d been on the forums for a few months, introducing myself. I upped a special 2-hour version of the promo, and messaged the friskyGeek himself. He responded almost immediately and said he’d love to play it. He thought the tracklist was great. After getting a couple plays from that because it went over well enough, some people had actually emailed him about the set, he invited me for another mix, this time a guest on another DJ’s regular show. I found that set today too. It wasn’t that bad. I was pleasantly surprised, actually. I remember it had this remix of “Cruel Summer” that I’d found a bootleg digital copy of with the full vocal, and I guess nobody else was really playing it, or at least that version, because there were several DJ’s from station that asked me what it was. Anyway…it was really cool listening to those sets. Listen to how much I’ve changed since then. I was a baby. In so many ways. At least, that’s how I’m seeing it now. I definitely didn’t *feel* that way at the time.

Makes me wonder if I’m going to go back and read this blog someday and think the same thing about me right now. Probably. I think the guy who wrote the last paragraph was a baby.

Liz just high fived me when I read her that last passage. We’re awesome.

As I’m so fond of saying, the momentum is going in a positive direction right now. It’s nice to just let that ride.

My iPad keyboard just went out on me for some reason. The battery might be dying…we’ll see. I’ve been using it for about a week and a half, maybe two weeks now, so I guess that’s about right. But now it’s working…suspicious. Anyway, till tomorrow my friends. Keep it real.