Today's Track: "Breathe on Me (James Holden remix)" by Britney Spears

Today’s Track: “Breathe on Me (James Holden remix)” by Britney Spears


Doesn’t get any more sci-fi than this shit right here.

Man…this track was one of my major introductions to James Holden. He was the *ultimate* studio nerd, at the time. Nobody was doing the kind of shit he was doing. I remember him blogging at the time about how he’d taken apart an old analogue synthesizer and rebuilt it himself so that it made different noises. I mean, the guy was legit. And he loved what he was doing. Sadly…he didn’t love the DJing/Techno scene at the time. And that’s not putting words in his mouth, he’s on record just a year later saying that he was largely “over it.” BUT…at THIS time, he was a fucking superstar in the making. His Balance 005 mixcomp from the year before had blown people’s mind from almost every genre, his single “A Break in the Clouds” was just insane, and he was *just* really starting to get heavily heavily into techno…which was very formative for me. That Berlin sound, which I came to really fall in love with when the entire world, this very summer, turned to electro house, and “progressive” changed in an instant.

Anyway…it’s badass, eh? 🙂