Day 37: Personal Log

Day 37: Personal Log

Not sure what I’m going to write about this evening, so I think I’ll just walk through my day. Do a sort-of “personal-log.” Which, by the way, has always struck as a really interesting thing. I wonder if the navy actually does use them. I doubt it. I’m sure they require officers to do a duty log and such, but a personal log? Taking time to write out, or in the case of the term’s inspiration (Star Trek), talk to a computer about your feelings, relationships, and otherwise personal goings-on seems…intense. It’s a plot device, a clever technique used by Gene Roddenberry in the early days to quickly get across exposition. But, if you look past all that and take it at face value, the only way you can really take it is that the risk of all these people dying out in space, alone, was so great that they instituted the practice so that whatever these people learned out there wouldn’t be lost with them. That’s pretty intense, yo.

I’m sure some people don’t find the log entry writing device “clever,” but I always did. As a kid, hearing it from the TV always made me feel like they were talking to me. Just like this blog feels like I’m talking directly to you. And I am. And, by the way, you have something on your chin. Yeah, right there. Mmm, a little lower. Yeah, you got it.

I woke up today, after intentionally setting my alarm an hour early. I do that, sometimes, just so I can revel in the “extra” hour of sleep. It sounds super ridiculous when I write that in black and white, but it sure didn’t feel ridiculous this morning when I was slapping that snooze button and snuggling back into my pillow with a giant grin on my face.

Then, it was rent down at the office. I had one check, ONE CHECK, left to drop in. I was one check away the previous day from being completely done with rent a full day early. That has never happened. And that streak still stands, I suppose, because I still had to drop off that one solitary little fucker this morning.

I then met my good pal Justinius for tennis, and we whacked a little green ball back and forth for a good hour and a half or so. He’s in the middle of doing a 90-day exercising regimen, which made me really think about restarting one of my own. In complete honesty, when I’m not paying close attention to what I eat, I tend to under-eat, and I get skinny, cranky, and have less energy. I can’t say objectively whether or not under-eating is an easier thing to deal with than other kinds of food-related health issues, but it *is* an issue. And, I am looking forward to paying closer attention to it and putting some weight back on and just plain exercising. I always feel so freaking accomplished whenever I do finish a hard workout. And I do miss it, having decided to focus on other things for a few months and get that settled first.

Following that, the Ho and I went to Target, which doesn’t sound all that special, except for the fact that Liz hadn’t been to Target in probably…two months. And she’s obsessed with that store. No joke. So, we went, did some christmas shopping, I picked up a couple things too, and it was a grand old time. Then, we raced over to Orchard Supply Hardware and we picked up a CHRISTMAS TREE. It’s sitting behind me, right now, actually, as I write this in the living room. We got a reaalllyyy nice one this year. It’s a little smaller than last year’s, which was kind of huge, and it’s super green and suuuper fresh. Like, *soft* to the touch fresh. We didn’t have time to set it up yet today, and I’m not sure I have the energy to do it tonight, but tomorrow we’ll have to get ‘er done. Liz and I have done a christmas tree (of some sort…one year it was a tiny live one in a bucket, but that shit still counts) every year that we’ve lived together, and it never fails to pull everything together and really make it feel like the holidays.

I then flopped in bed for a nap (shopping invariably makes me tired, and on days off, you better believe I’ma be taking naps), woke up just in time to feed the Coops and take him out for a walk. Then, it was time to sit down and get the work done that I needed to get done, which didn’t take toooo long. I stopped working, technically, 1:30 short of my goal, but I’m completely confident that I can make that up tomorrow or Friday and finish the week totally 100% on schedule. It’s a minor miracle that I’m anywhere near as on target as I am, considering how tumultuous that past couple weeks have been.

I got to talk afterwards with my friend Jeff, who’s interested in one of the scripts that Josh and I developed earlier this year, which is very exciting. It was brief, but good. And then I turned on the tube to veg out for just a minute. I saw that the last episode of “Hello Ladies,” which is the Stephen Merchant-starred HBO show about a single english guy in Los Angeles trying to get a girlfriend. There are a lot of people I know who have panned the show, and sure, it may not be the brilliance of Ricky’s latest “Derek”…but still. It captures very accurately the desperation and fragility that can hang around this town sometimes. And, I say “sometimes” because I really do mean that. It’s a “sometimes.”

Now the Ho is home, and we’re about to dive into some delicious Korean food. So see you all later 🙂

ps- thinking about finishing “Second Foundation” tonight. Will update y’all tomorrow!