Day 39: Foundation's End

Day 39: Foundation’s End

I did it! I finished the legendary “Foundation” trilogy by the venerable Isaac Asimov.

I’ve briefly mentioned before that it’s the first step, really, in what I’m calling “The Education of Ira.” You see, for someone who’s really coming back to deciding on writing science fiction for decent portions of my life, that I’m *vastly* underexposed to soooo many of the “classics” of the genre. Asimov, for example. I’d literally never read him before a couple months ago. Now, I have. And his supposed best work, to boot.

So, that’s very satisfying. I’ll be doing a full write-up on all three books together hopefully over the weekend, and that tab on my home-page menu will finally actually link to something. It’s all very exciting. I’m thinking about posting it on some sci-fi forums out there and seeing what other major geeks out there think about what I liked and didn’t like about the “best sci-fi trilogy ever written.” I’m not even joking about that – pretty much every list I looked up had Foundation right at the top. I think it earns that spot because it was a game-changer in the genre, it terms of scope, ideas, and execution. I do have some criticisms, but when you put it in a historical context and realize that it was written almost a hundred years ago, that perspective makes it more a matter of what we’ve learned since then technique-wise (as opposed to Asimov making a any mistakes, per se).

Josh and I also got to meet today, and we mostly talked. Got some work done, at least in mapping out what our next moves are coming up for “Made of Clay.” We’ve been working on this thing now for two years…TWO YEARS. On a short! That’s how long this shit takes, guys…it’s crazy. I almost feel like that’s a natural strainer for good ideas that actually deserve to be told; the time factor. Josh and I have been obsessing over this story, now, for two whole years, and it still gets our juices flowing. If making movies was easy and quick, I think a lot more less-interesting stories would get screen time. What I’m saying is that I hope how long we’re spending on this thing isn’t all bad 😛

I did NOT get that much work done today, hardly any, in fact, because we started of doing apartment stuff all the way into the early afternoon, and I made the mistake of not planning my day out taking that into account. So, I’m up early tomorrow to get work done and working through the weekend. It’s okay, I can see the end in sight, a couple weeks from now. And, I know I can get shit done between now and then.

So yeah…feeling accomplished today, I guess. Worried a bit that I’ll push the snooze button too many times tomorrow morning, but I’ll just have to set my resolve to follow through with the plan when I lay my head down onto my pillow in a few minutes.

Good night, guys. Hope your Friday was awesome 🙂