Day 41: Crime doesn’t pay

Another quick one. Sorry 😛

Not *trying* to shirk these last two entries, it’s literally just been that Liz and I are finally catching up on some of the DVR collection we’ve assembled. Namely, “Boardwalk Empire”…which once again, is one of if not the best freaking show on TV right now. We finished the season tonight. Blasted through four episodes. It wasn’t nearly the freight train that was last season, but it was still plenty good enough to keep the Ho and I guessing. Good stuff. I recommend you watch.

Got to see our good friends Dennis and his wife Wendy up in Valencia today. Dennis is going to officiate our wedding out in Maui – he’s been a central figure in our relationship since as long as we’ve known each other, and it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

I promise, tomorrow’s entry will be a little more interesting. Right now, as I write this it’s 2:00am. That’s what happens when you look over at your watching-mate and you both have the “let’s do one more” face.

Night peeps. You better not be awake right now.