Day 46: Deep Sleep

Day 46: Deep Sleep

Got up today an hour later than I’d set my alarm…yes, I’ve been doing this a lot lately. It’s just so *glorious* to sleep in for an extra hour!

I am one of those people who loves sleep. It’s true, I really do. And, not everyone does love sleep. I know many people, in fact, who only do it out of necessity. That simply doesn’t compute for me. I friggin love it. It’s relaxing, warm, snuggly…it’s intoxicating. I actually wish I didn’t think it was. I envy those who don’t hardly need sleep, who aren’t subject to its inordinate demand for huge chunks of time. But, alas, I am subject. And, so I deal with it through indulgence.

I’m actually writing this entry after midnight, which I try not to do, but there was work to get finished. And I did. Finish the work, that is. I was afraid it was going to take me far past midnight, and I wouldn’t have anything left in me to write anything on this ‘ol blurb-space. Luckily, the lessons I’d checked out today were all pretty straight-forward, and they moved right along.

Liz is still reading that book I mentioned briefly last night, and again, as I sit here typing, she’s exclaimed in shock at some particular twist in the story. This time, it was an “oooohhhh!” swiftly followed by a mind-blown mouth sound effect, and a “It was her DAD!”…and no, I have no more idea what that means that you do 😛

So yeah…as discussed at length, in the home stretch here. THREE more work days to go. That’s it. Granted, they are hefty work days, those last three. There will be probably be a blog entry or two that’s rather abbreviated because of lateness or exhaustion, or both. But then, I’ll be done. I know I keep writing sentences to that effect, but really guys, you have no idea how much of a victory these past couple months have been, work-wise. It’s incredibly difficult to self regulate your work time, to reach goals that you want to reach, when you work from home. And, I’ve finally figured out how to do that. It’s a big victory. I’m excited to carry that over into writing, because it’s precisely the same principal.

You set up a system and a routine that forms a habit. This blog, now that I think about it for two seconds, is exactly that, too. I just started doing it, and within a few weeks (they say it takes two weeks (?) to form a habit, but for me it seems to take twice that, at least) it’s second nature. It’s just this thing that I do now before bed.

Okay, commercial break from all the preaching; my bowels right now are bananas. No, not “bowls,” that would make no sense…bowels. As in, my digestive tract. It’s making all kinds of groaning noises right now. It’s a freaking party down there right now, and the weirdest thing is that I’m not in any discomfort in the slightest, nor is it producing any sort of undesirable side-effects. That was a diplomatic way of saying poops and farts. Not happening. But my gut just goes crooning and gurgling away as I write this. So weird.

Anyway, I’m sure you wanted that report. You’re welcome. I think it’s time this one ended. I’ve got some sleeping in to do for my day off!

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