Day 48: The working man

Day 48: The working man

Phew. Today was epic. Very very looooong day.

The Ho slept in, so Coops and I spent the morning together. He didn’t get his walk because I knew we were going to Agility class, and we’ve found that if we walk him on the morning of agility, he gets tired quickly in class, which isn’t as fun.

It was immediately to work. I needed to get 10 hours logged, and I only had a couple hours before we left for class. Then the Ho woke up after sleeping in late (so jealous), and we had just enough time to get everything together, and we were out the door. Class was empty, except for us, this week which made it a little weird. We weren’t that focused, we chatted most of the time with teacher Dave, and worked with the Coops in small spurts on his weaving. If you’re not in the know, weave is where the dogs jump back and forth between regularly spaced poles that are lined up in a straight line. It’s the most difficult skill for an agility dog to learn because it’s rather anti-intuitive. A tunnel is pretty easy to figure out. “Oh, you want me to go through that.” But, weaves are like a mystery. Anyway, Coops still needs practice. But, he’s definitely starting to figure it out.

We stopped by the record store that’s next door and hunted for some cool records. We found a couple, actually; some earlier Johnny Cash that we’d never seen. It’s cool there too because they have record players with headphones so you can check out the recording quality. But…they were massively overpriced. $40 for a single LP. No thanks. We’re not those kind of collectors. So, we didn’t get anything.

Then it was back home and I went straight back to work. Liz had her new TV-watching bestie Kristin come over and they watched “Scandal” and some Project Runway, which is always interesting to listen to from the other room. Especially Scandal. Lots of “Oh, shit! Look out girl!” and “Oh my god, he still thinks it was her!” They even bought me a burrito when they went to get food.

Then, 4pm rolled around and it was time to help my mom draft her appeal letter to her insurance. I’d scheduled 2 hours to do it, and that’s pretty much exactly what it took. It was a lot of stuff to wade through and distill down into a few paragraphs, and there is certainly lots more revising and editing to do, but the main thing is that I was able to help her get it all out and on paper, as opposed to swirling about in her head.

Then, it was back to work…until now. I got everything done. It was a completely packed full day, but I’m still managing to be sitting here with all of it done, and I’m not nearly as exhausted as I thought I would be. Not gonna complain about that 😛

Two more work days. That’s it. I’m almost there.