Day 50: Early Christmas

Day 50: Early Christmas

50 days!

Seems like a milestone. It is, after all, half way to 100. In terms of what it means for this blog, I’m not sure. Like I’ve said many times before, not really sure how long this consecutive streak will last. We’ll see. Enjoying it so far 🙂

So, the Ho Ho Ho and I have a holiday tradition of doing our own christmas each year before we head up north to be with family, which we do tomorrow. Tonight was that night, and it’s always glorious. Tonight was no exception. Liz got me that TNG uniform hoodie that’s been floating out there in the ThinkGeek interspace. A size too big, unfortunately, so now we have to send it back, but that wasn’t her fault. I’m a medium, usually, and so that’s what she got…but the damn thing is ginormous. She also got me suuuch a cool Game of Throne tee, which is of a cute-ified dire wolf with a logo that says “adopt a dire wolf.” Will go over great with those geeky peeps out there in the know.

I got her a Nespresso machine with a milk frother, which was at the top of her list this year. I’m not a coffee man, myself, so she’ll be the one using it’s deliciousness and convenience, as it should be. She’s super stoked. I got the chrome model, cuz, you know, we be blingin.

The coops got a new toy which I believe he’s already destroyed the squeaker on, he loved it so much. He’ll probably go to bed with it tonight. He’s done it before, and woken us up in the middle of the night when he went to test and see if the toy was, in fact, still working. He’s so funny. Whenever he gets a new toy, he’ll go off and squeak in various places in the house, roaming from the chaise lounge to underneath the office couch, to the master cloest, back to the chaise lounge, and so forth. Every few minutes. Yup! He just started squeaking again underneath the office couch. I just think it’s funny that he gets legit excited about new toys. He loves his old toys, he kind of keeps those in rotation, but he *definitely* knows when something is new, and he’s all about it.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Real Christmas is still a week away. We also decided to leave later in the day tomorrow so I can finish up some work, I fell one lesson short of today being the end-all-be-all of my editing work for the year. I just didn’t have enough time. But, no matter, I will tomorrow, and that’s fine. Plus, it allowed Liz and I to really enjoy our “Panda Christmas” as we like to call it. We’ve taken to video-ing it so that we remember what the hell we gave each other. Yes, being together for nine years *will* make you start to forget even recent holidays together.

Oh! I also went to another WGA event tonight, this time with Babylon 5 creator and prolific comic book writer J. Michael Straczynski and had a GREAT time. He was extremely insightful, not at all the tyrant that he’s portrayed to be from having walked away several times from various projects, very funny, and it was just a fan show. Kevin, who works with the WGA and runs this particular branch of their events did a great job emcee-ing. It was just a good night, peoples. Had a great time, and looking forward to attending more after the new year. Oh, and JMS also mentioned that he, too, had recently gotten into “Electro Swing” while he’s been working. That’s crazy, right??? Me too! I wonder if he discovered it the same way I did, on iTunes radio.

That’s all for tonight. See y’all tomorrow from the Bay Area!

Tonight’s cover art is from The SciFi Christian