Day 55: Crafty

Day 55: Crafty

Earlier blog today, which is nice 🙂 I’m also writing this one on a table with my iPad which is actually sooo comfortable. Not that writing on my lap in bed isn’t really easy using the keyboard case that I have; it is comfy and easy. It’s just that much easier.

Had brunch this morning with my dad and all of Liz’s family, which was super awesome because (and this is crazy, because Liz and I have been together for 9 years now) it was the first time that they’d ever met each other. They’ve all met my mom, she’s been to their house in fact, but never my dad. Crazy.

The restaurant was so much better than the one we’d gone to the night before. It was much fancier, decor-wise, and the food was intensely awesome, and at the same price point as the one we’d been to last night. Liz’s Dad *swooned* for the place, so it’s pretty much decided that it’s the restaurant we’re using. So, that’s good, it’s another thing checked off the list.

Then, my Dad left to drive home, and Liz and I went with her sister to a craft fair down near AT&T Park and the piers. That was likewise intense, SOOO many booths, so many crafty things. We met a cool dude from London who’d been doing craft shows here in the bay and down in LA to make some extra money before the holidays. He was going to fly back home just in time to spend actual christmas with his girlfriend. We didn’t buy anything, but he did have these really cool print posters, and we inquired about what it would take to maybe have him do a logo for our wedding to print on some stuff.

Then we took the Cal Train home, which was a fixture of my childhood. I was obsessed with trains as a boy. Obsessed. And the coolest train that I knew of was the one that ran right past my soon-to-be-stepfather’s shop in Palo Alto: the Cal Train. In fact, one of my very first memories of trains that I have is sitting on the back stoop of his shop, having played with a hammer and smacked my thumb; and while I waited out the throbbing pain, my mom had wrapped me in a blanket and I watched the Cal Train rumble past every 15 minutes or so. It was magical.

In any event, I literally don’t think I’ve taken the Cal Train in something like 15 or 16 years. For those who aren’t from the Bay, the Cal Train is just this commuter line that runs from San Jose along the peninsula up to San Francisco. It’s really nothing special, unless you’re a 3 year old with a smashed thumb. When we’d visit my dad before he and my mom were married and he moved up to Humboldt, I’d literally ask my mom to take my into the city so we could ride around on the buses and light rail lines, and then take the Cal Train back down to Palo Alto. I was a huge fan of public transportation in general. It was just so big and grand in comparison to podunk old Eureka and Arcata. I loved it.

Then we came home, I slept fitfully for an hour or so, couldn’t take a nap for some reason, we had dinner, and now we’ve all retired to our various entertainment vices. It’s a nice, quiet evening, and I’m loving it.

Till tomorrow my peeps!