Day 56: Mountains from Trash Heaps

Day 56: Mountains from Trash Heaps

Today was just a great day. I don’t even really feel like I have that much to say because it was just a really nice day 😛

Was going to go into town early to get Liz’s engagement ring appraised, but it turned out from a call-ahead that their appraiser wouldn’t even be in until after the holiday, so the Ho and I just had a casual morning. Then we decided to drive out to Daly City to visit the cemetery where her grandparents are buried, and we took the coops. It was gorgeous, Cooper was on good behavior off-leash, and we cleaned stuff up, dropped some flowers by, and paid respects.

The afternoon then was pretty low-key. I got some more done on the Foundation review before my keyboard ran out of battery life, so I decided to take a nap 😛 We hadn’t taken Cooper for a walk in the morning, both of us spaced, so we resolved to take him on an extra special long walk down along the bay at Seal Point park in San Mateo. It was GORGEOUS. Around sunset time, no wind, mid 60s. We have pics to attest. And there was this big, sloping hill in the middle of it that just didn’t seem to be natural. Sure enough, up at the top, there were these boards explaining how the site was literally a landfill until the early 80s, and they decided to convert it into a park. Covered it up with dirt, planted some plants, and boom. Park, bitches!

We were able to have Coops off-leash, and we just drank in the amazing weather. My mom said something to the effect last year that unless there’s a storm coming through, during the winter, there’s hardly ever any wind. I don’t know if there’s any scientific evidence to back that claim up, but she’s been right now for two years in a row. Last year, it was blowing my mind how wind-less it was out at one of Humboldt’s beaches. This year, it’s the San Francisco Bay, which is notoriously windy in my own experience. Whatever it is, luck or science, I’m digging it.

We got home just in time to watch the Niners play the last regular season game against the Falcons of Atlanta. Man…what a game. It was looking nightmarishly ugly in the final minutes as the Falcons had *incredibly* put themselves within 10 yards of going ahead full-stop and under 2:00 to play…but then a miracle happened. A pick six on a RIDICULOUS blitz package, and the game was over. Niners win by 10. Haters will say the Niners were lucky to get the pick six and the win, and they’d technically be correct, but I’d fire a reminder right back at them how freaking lucky Atlanta was on their own miracle; the onside kick that almost ruined Candlestick’s farewell.

Now, I think I’m going to settle in a get some reading done. The Coops is down at my feet, the Ho beside me texting wittiness with one of our friends in the Bay, and it’s Christmas Eve Eve. Crazy.

Night y’all.

Ps- I also took two Benadryl tonight because I’ve been having allergies at night. And because I don’t fuck around.