Day 65: Retrospective

Day 65: Retrospective

2013 is over.

It’s a weird thought. It was an extremely formative year for me, sitting here, thinking about everything that has happened.

And, today was the first day of 2014; filled with some rest, some recreation, some writing, and some work with my brother on getting my mom’s insurance appeal in good shape. There’s so  very much more to come this year in 2014.

But, before all that, an ode to the year that is over: 2013.

Which will come tomorrow right here. I’m too tired from today to finish the post 😛 In my defense, for tonight’s reading material, you should check out the review for Foundation that I just posted on the main page. Pleased as pie about that one. So, I’ve actually already done a ton of writing today. So suck it! <— this is all because I’m guilty the retrospective I want to do tonight isn’t happening because my eyes are falling closed. Literally. I’ll do it tomorrow!

Today’s cover art is via Gilderic Photography