Day 66: House Guest

Day 66: House Guest

It’s been a theme of the past couple weeks, the house guest theme. But this time, I’m the one hosting. It’s nice, for a change. I still get companionship of someone I haven’t seen in a while, but I still get to sleep in my own fluffy bed.

Speaking of fluffy, Coops got a bath tonight. He’s, like, *ridiculously* fluffy. It hurts my brain.

The Ho and I took down all the christmas decorations, which sounds sad, but it completely wasn’t. It seemed to me that we were both excited to put the house back to normal. Hang up our normal stuff. Clean everything up. We also installed curtains for the workout room, which is where we host our guests on the air mattress, and for some reason that, too, was totally exciting. Our guests can have, like, their own wing of the apartment and shit.

That took up most of the day, actually, getting the house mostly back in order. Then Ryan showed up, our houseguest, and he and I caught up while we walked the Coops on his normal nighttime loop. Then, on the spur of the moment, which is always my favorite, we decided to go to the driving range before dinner. It was soooo much fun. I told Liz, and it’s the truth, I’m so excited to just have a bro around for a few days to do bro-stuff with. Manly stuff. Like hit balls around, and watch balls being tossed around on TV. Yes, that was a reference to the 49ers, who are playing on Sunday in wildcard weekend. It’s a big deal.

Then, we got home just in time to drop off Ryan at the apartment, and whisk myself and the Ho to dinner with some other friends, who were in town for the night. Fellow filmmakers, they are, and we had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Studio City called Daichan. Highly recommend it. It’s not a sushi restaurant. They do have sushi there, but they’re a legit restaurant where you can get other Japanese food, like poki bowls, noodles, entrees, etc. Liz calls it, and maybe they do too I’m not sure, Japanese Soul Food. Whatever it is, it’s friggin delicious.

Now I’m at home, tired, and thinking maybe I won’t finish my “retrospective” today after all. I really shouldn’t make myself strict goals like that when I’m on “vacation”…we’ll see. It will get done when it gets done. It’s really all just for me to go back and look at later on down the road anyway, right? And I’m still basking in the glory of my Foundation review, which I’ve read several times since posting it, and I’m just pleased as pie with. Love it.

So, that’s all for now. 66 days in. Pretty crazy, huh?