Day 68: Golf Day

Day 68: Golf Day

Went and played 18 holes today at the Woodley Lakes course which is only about 10 minutes away, and we walked it, like gangsters. It was awesome. Seriously, such a nice day. I did get tired on the last two holes, but I’d say that’s not bad for walking the first time on a full 18-hole course in, probably, 13 years. And, I played decently too. I’m *finally* starting to find my swing with my driver. FINALLY! It’s a really tough club to figure out, for sure, and this course was very wide, flat, and forgiving. Aka, exactly what this guy needs 🙂

We played with this guy from the valley named James, and he was super cool. He was walking too, and was nice and easy to hang with. And, he was pretty good too. I par’d with him a couple times, but he had a couple birdies and way more pars to boot. I’d bet he played around +6 or +7 for the whole round, which is where I want to get some day. If I could play well enough to par more holes than I bogey…I’d be pretty damn happy with that. I keep hearing about this statistic that if you can break 100, you’re better than 75% of golfers out there. Not sure if that’s really true, but a bogey round of golf would get you a score of 90, and that’s not bad.

Anywho, I love golf, if you can’t tell. And, I’m pleased to see that I think I’ve got two other people into it in Nikolai and Ryan, who each got their own set of clubs. It’s also a great sport for Los Angeles, because of the weather. Also, I feel like it can be a good skill to have down the road with the more bougie types like executives and producers. If a guy can play a round of golf without embarrassing himself, then he’s not a complete waste of testosterone.

Then, it was off to Red Medicine in the miracle mile area of Hollywood to again meet up with Nikolai and have some weird food. Liz and I went there, if you remember, after seeing RadioLab at the Fox Theatre next door, and the photos we’d taken of that little impromptu trip had circulated amongst Ryan and Nikolai. So when Ryan came down, he said he really wanted to try the place out. The food was always interesting, often quite delicious, and sometimes too bizarre for my (probably) boring tastes. The highlight for me was easily the dessert, which was a chocolate mousse-type dish with these little dough balls on top of it and a lattice made of chocolate surrounding it. It was cray cray and weird and delicious. Oh, and their cocktails are out of control. In fact, the way I’d really recommend doing Red Medicine would be to sit at the bar, order bar food (especially their amazing banhmi), and try out cocktails. Liquors you’ve never heard of in combinations you’d never expect that end up being amazingly good. Seriously. Probably one of the best places to get cocktails and bar food in LA.

Now, I’m friggin wiped out. I think Ryan and Liz really wanted to watch one of the awards screeners we have, but I’m about ready to pass out. It was a long day with no time for napping or resting 😛

But a *great* day.

Tomorrow, it’s football, and agility with Cooper. Niners have to win up in Green Bay, and it won’t be easy.

Fuck, I’m really tired. Eyes are closing while I write this 😛

Till tomorrow bitches!

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