Day 75: Captain's Log

Day 75: Captain’s Log

Earthdate 01112014.

It’s been 75 days. 75!!! Honestly, I didn’t think that this whole “do a blog every day” thing was going to last so many consecutive days. But, here we are. It’s a great freaking way to close the page on one day and set up for the next one, let me tell you. It’s why I’m here at 75 days 😛

Had a restless day today, which is just how days off go when I don’t really feel like I’ve earned it. And, I can’t help but just indulge that feeling, because the more I indulge it, the more I’ve been using it to turn around and make the ground up that I’ve lost. At least I’ve been able to figure out how to do that with my editing work.

This coming week is the next step. I was going to say something along the lines of “real test,” or the next “challenge.” But, I don’t want to frame it that way. It’s not a duty, actually. The writing. It’s what I *want* to do. It’s why I’m down here, and why I work an editing job I really don’t want to do for any longer than I have to. And, when I’m writing, it’s a f*cking high. But, it’s also terrifying. It must be, why else would I, and every single other writer or creative person I know, try so hard not to do it most of the time.

So…it’s time. Time for the next step. Next week is week one.

I also went grocery shopping today to set myself up for week one of actually paying attention to what I eat. It’s this diet called the “size surge diet.” It’s designed for body builders, who have completely maxed out their ability to gain muscle mass, to gain a chunk more. Which is obviously not what I’m trying to do 😛 The reason that I like it, is because it’s actually the very first EVER diet that I’ve been able to go on, and put weight on these skinny bones. It’s 100% all real food, no powders, it’s super low in fat (and sugar for the most part), it’s unprocessed foods, pretty cheap…and it works. Simple as that.

I’m starting slow this time, doing 4 of the 7 meals it will eventually become, rather than just adding everything in all at the get-go. It’s the way I did it back in 2011, which was the last time I really stuck with the diet and the work out long enough to see real results. I want very very much to get back there. And easing myself in is exactly what I did back then.

I’m going to do the same thing with the writing and writer’s assistant searching, too. Ease it in. I want to get to the point where I’m writing, or searching for writing jobs, 10 to 14 hours every week, maybe even more. But, I’m going to start smaller first. 4 hours. That’s it. Nail that shit down for three or four weeks in a row, and then I can bump it up. Or sooner, if I’m rolling. See, with the writing, once I *start* something and get far enough into, the hours roll off like an assembly line. I just have to get there. Force myself through the slog until I can ride the deluge. Mixing metaphors there, but you get the idea.

Gonna be real, I wrote the title to today’s blog entry before I wrote the body of it, but it’s perfect. I’m feeling like the Captain of my own ship tonight.

And, that’s surprising, seeing as I really did have a rather restless and un-zen day, up until about 10 minutes ago. I’m looking forward to Monday, now. Loving, too, that I have one more day between now and then. I’m stating it right here and now, I’m writing my 2013 retrospective tomorrow. It’s time to face the challenges, and celebrate the victories of the last 12 months. Let last year go. This is not 2013 any more. It’s 2014. Time to move on.

This entry turning into such a pep talk 😛 I’m just enjoying an endorphin rush of positive thinking at the moment, so suck it.

Maybe I’ll write an entry, too, on this diet. For all the other skinny dudes out there, who have the unmanly challenge of putting on muscle. It can be done, lads. Takes a shit ton of work, but it can be done. Those Muscle Milk shakes and Weigh Gainers out there won’t do anything for you, except give you gas. Lots and lots of gas.

On that note, buenas noches. So long, farewell.

Go Niners.

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