Day 78: Freezing up

Day 78: Freezing up

That’s what my neck muscles are doing to me right now, damn them. I don’t think I mentioned it yesterday, but I somehow slept weird the night before and had some decent pain and stiffness the following morning. Then, I took a stress-release nap yesterday afternoon, and woke up with the OTHER side stiffened up in pain.

I did what I had hoped would be the smart thing last night, and slept on my back, neck supported, but alas. I woke up this morning in more pain than the day before. So, I really tweaked something. Working all day at the computer didn’t help it, for sure, and it’s worse tonight. So…I’m on half a muscle relaxant, and hopefully that industrial-grade shit will do the trick. We’ll see.

It was an odd day today work-wise as well. I didn’t get to sleep last night until around 3am, so the day started late. I did about half the work I’d schedule for myself. I always hate typing that sentence. But…but I will make it up. This week WILL end with 60 minutes done. And then make up last week’s real debacle in the next coming week. January will end on target. You mark my words.

Today I complete chalk up to minor exhaustion. Doesn’t seem like those words should go together. How can “exhaustion” be “minor?” That’s pretty much what it felt like, though. I did avoid napping, mostly neck-related, but I’m just fatigued. Physically. Not as much mentally, actually, but still; when the body finds it hard to move, focus is also hard to come by. Despite that, I feel quite sharp, actually. Even had a solid hour of outlining for tomorrow’s writing. And I’m *genuinely* confident that I will make the time this week to catch up.

A lot of it has to do with my mom’s letter getting sent off. I also took care of a lot of apartment stuff in the past two days, so that’s not weighing on me. Stuff is getting done, putting things in order for the new year. That’s what January is for. So, it feels like a legitimate “distraction.” These things stress me out. It’s unquestioningly why my neck froze up. I’m getting this stuff out of my system. I really just want to have a good writing day tomorrow.

Two hours, that’s it. And some editing too. Nothing too crazy, actually, editing-wise. Just finishing one lesson and then doing half of another. Then the same thing the next day.

That’s part of it too, these lessons which used to seem to daunting. So much work. They now all seem totally do-able. Even easy, in fact. I’ve just done so many of them. I’d have been completely on track today, actually, despite all of yesterday’s nonsense if it hadn’t been some technical details to figure out on what will now be the EASIEST lessons to do in the history of my working for this company. The visuals are almost completely done for me in advance, I just have to time them out and add text here and there. So, even that setback was worth it because I know what I’m doing with them now.

Anywho, totally work post, I know. It’s not the only thing I ever think of, I swear, but it just was today because Mondays and Tuesdays are now my weekly focus-on-editing days.

Tomorrow’s blog should hopefully have some more interesting stuff as I’ll be a little more creative. Looking forward to it very very much.

Good night, guys. I can feel the muscle relaxant starting to kick in. It’s better than benadryl 😛

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