Day 85: A bit of everything

Day 85: A bit of everything

I was petting my dog today after coming home, and I had a little bit of a “moment.” I realized, with Cooper snuggled up against my legs, both of us on the floor, stroking his head until his eyes closed, how powerful positive attention really is. It’s almost infinitely more powerful than negative attention. Cooper craves my attention (and Liz’s) so badly, and is so happy when I give it, because I show him love, and affection. I take care of him, and when he rolls over and shows me his belly, his most vulnerable side, I respond by showing him kindness. That is how strong bonds are forged. He trusts me.

And, it just struck me, this completely obvious fact. That our relationship is this strong, loving thing, where he waits for me to come home and he curls up underneath my chair when I’m working and generally follows me around everywhere, because I show him positive attention. Just doing that has made me the center of his world.

And, just because this is an obvious fact, doesn’t mean that I really ever pay attention to it. Tonight, I did, and I just thought about how exactly the same humans and dogs are, really. The way they behave in almost everything is exactly how we behave. A simple little mirror. They are simpler, sure, but it’s exactly that simplicity that makes some of these obvious things stand out so acutely. Dogs can’t hide their natures, like we can. But covering it up doesn’t change that fact that underneath its still the same.

Not going for any underhanded lesson here, or any sort of other personal reference 😛 It was literally just one of those random thoughts that crossed my mind, happily petting my dog after coming home.

Coming home from listening to Marti Noxon, the woman who (in)famously “ruined Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.” I have to admit that I really don’t know anything about all that. We didn’t have the WB in Humboldt back when I was growing up, and this was before internet connection speeds could really handle any video, so I literally had no way of watching that show. Even so, I don’t know if I would have; vampires were never really my thing. But, hey, who knows. I certainly get why it was such a big deal; the writing, even if it did tank in the last two seasons, was obviously incredible and something entirely above every other show out there about “teenagers.”

I found Marti to be very funny, very well-spoken, and rather enlightening to listen to. She talked a decent amount about women heroines, and the pitfalls that they can…fall into. I realized halfway through that sentence I was painting myself into a corner, but I thought “fuck it.” No fixing mistakes on THIS blog. That much should be obvious by now. Liz and I are seeing those pitfalls in action right now with the Mae character on “Agents of SHIELD”…she’s a total snooooozefest and a wet blanket because they made her a badass and NOTHING ELSE. Which is exactly what Marti says is her most-often complaint with female heroes. And it’s true; to be human is to be flawed. If a character doesn’t have flaws, there’s quite literally nothing to like. Guys…why do you think Superman had the bumbling, nerdy alter ego of Clark Kent, huh? Let’s not be dense.

I’m still dealing with the chest thing, hopefully it doesn’t actually become a real thing. It’s holding steady a status quo, which is better than getting worse.

In other news, I have an address to send my writers’ assistant letter, the people from the production company did get back to me. So, that shit is going off TOMORROW. As soon as I have a chance to give it another pass and show it to the Ho.

Also, in other news, I’m completely in love with my new Spotify account. The ENTIRE MUSICAL WORLD is now at my fingertips. It’s freaking AMAZING. I really really hope they’re paying out good royalties on this shit, because I want it to be a system that actually works for everyone. Either way, it’s the freaking future because it’s blowing my mind…and I’d rather live in a mind-blowing future where my artists are able to pay their bills with their music so they have time to make MORE music.

Cooper is ready for his bedtime treat, so I now leave you. Good night!

No idea what today’s image has to do with anything, maybe it’s that I was in a comic book store today, but it’s a T-shirt and you can buy it.