Day 86: Too Legit

Day 86: Too Legit

Too legit, as in, too legit to quit.

Rough day today. This cold has really done a number on me and, if nothing else, has shown me the wisdom of constantly keeping myself drugged if I want to get *anything* done while sick. See, I ran out of dayquil yesterday, and didn’t replenish my supply. Big mistake. I honestly can’t remember much of anything about where my day went today, except that I did, at least, get my cover letter and resume into the hands of Bryan Fuller. So, that happened.

Everything else? I finally realized the error of my drug-less ways late in the afternoon when I could hardly keep my eyes open, and I did what I should have done first thing in the morning. A trip to the drugstore and 15 minutes later, I was in possession of medication and I succumbed to a two hour exhaustion nap. I woke up feeling much more normal.

So…at least I have a PLAN for the rest of this sickness-infested work schedule that lies before me: taking drugs every 4 hours. Without fail. It will hopefully keep me going.

Helped the Ho with a couple of auditions tonight, one being for Vampire Diaries. I’ve obviously never watched that show, being a…male…and Liz hasn’t auditioned for it all that often. But, dude, there was a surprisingly large amount of emotional shit to mine out of two very short scenes. It makes sense, I guess; the show is a soap, really, and with the stakes always so high and dramatic, there’s a lot you need to sink your teeth into. It just surprised me. Gives me some respect for these writers, at least in this case, because it was definitely not “on the nose.”

Tomorrow needs to be a good work day. It’s been a full week now of not having one. So I’m pledging it right here, right now: tomorrow will be a good, full work day. So far this week, the whole promising to do things on the blog has worked; I’ve gone a done them all.

Liz and I also decided to let go of all the “Blacklist” episodes we had recorded on our DVR. It was a surprisingly well done show, for a network drama, but at the end of that day, it didn’t seem like must-watch TV and we have waaaayyyy too much shit to catch up on from the fall season to keep everything around. If we’ve made a grave mistake, and it actually is one of the shows we need to be watching, let me know 😛

Before the spring season really kicks into high gear, which is only a couple weeks away, we have to catch up on Homeland, Walking Dead, Masters of Sex, and Shameless…Shameless has already started their new season, that’s how far behind we are. One of those shows (at least) isn’t going to happen, I can already tell. I calling Masters of Sex. Because the spring tv season is what the Ho and I are allllll about. Hannibal. Game of Thrones. Need I say more? Plus, some new shows coming out too. True Detective has been interesting so far. Black Sails is a pirate show, which I think is waaaay overdue. Sherlock is back, which I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Oh, and the Olympics are coming!

Lots on the plate. Excited 🙂

See you tomorrow, after working has been worked.