Day 87: New Idea

Day 87: New Idea

Work day mission accomplished!

It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t do as much work as I *could* have (ie- I stopped on time and I could have gone another hour or two)…BUT, it did enough to put me back on track. It’ll be a very work-filled next 8 days, and it’ll be worth it. I *was* going to be content with basically writing off last week as a black hole of sickness…but then I worked on a financial plan for the first few months of this year and man…my savings will be much, much happier if I just put my head down and work. Plus, it will put me back in the swing of things.

Still sick as a motherfucker. Sigh. Looking forward to the morning some time soon (please let it be oh lord) when I wake up feeling normal. But today was not that day. My cough has finally arrived. Guys, I feel like such an OLD MAN. And I mean that literally. My grandpa hank used to write in his journal every day, for like 60 years he did this, and every single day without fail he’d write about two things: 1) what he ate, and 2) what ache or pain was bothering him on that particular day. So, yup. I have become him. Which is alright with me; Grandpa Hank was a badass 😛

Also, and this is not part of the “I’m sick” rant, it’s an announcement of my race against time: I have taken a Nyquil, like 15 minutes ago. So yeah, shit will get real.

I had an idea today about a new pilot, perhaps. What’s been pounded into my head by every SINGLE showrunner I’ve gone to see at these WGA panels is that I need to have an original pilot script. And it has to be amazeballs. Problem being, all my amazeballs ideas that I currently have are either novel/feature format, or being written with my dear writing partner Josh. The latter I can’t use in these situations, because I’m not actually trying to sell the pilot, I’m trying to sell me.

So yeah, about the idea: I basically thought of all the shows on TV that I really really like, and kind of smooshed them all together with a sci-fi twist. It occurred to me that I really need to start creating TV shows that are what my most favoritest ideal show would be. A show that would make me stand on my chair, point furiously at the television, and shout “Yes! Finally!!!” So, no pressure. It’s not like I have to create the best show ever (yes I do).

Watched some of Homeland with the Ho today while I ate din din. That’s the show we’ve decided to tackle first. Probably Walking Dead after that. Cooper was a maniac, even to the point of barking at me because he wanted to run around and wrestle. I had to pull a maneuver on him that I’ve silently, until tonight, called the “Bear Paw.” It’s when I don’t want to play, but Cooper does, and so I catch him and then hold him down with my Bear Paw against his will until he likes it. And then the Bear Paw becomes more of a Petting Paw. And then, we’re both happy. It’s like a rape timeout. But, Bear Paw sounds better.

Yup, Nyquil convo: Engage.

Night, guys. Tomorrow is a day “off.” Huzzah!

Tonight’s rather industrial-looking space scene is apparently taken from Eve Online