Today's Track: "Mö 1" by Möd3rn

Today’s Track: “Mö 1” by Möd3rn



Thanks to the Phobiq Podcast for this little gem. Or, should I say huge gem. Heeeaaavvvvvyyyy techno here, and I friggin love it.

I’ve never heard of this trio before, and this is the first release they’ve ever put out…in fact, I don’t even know who makes UP the trio, because the only information I can find on them are their release notes on Beatport, where you can also purchase the track if you’re so inclined.

A mystery!

Love it 🙂


UPDATE: found these three names in the notes of the youtube video…Electric Rescue, Maxime Dangles & Traumer. Electric Rescue and Maxime Dangles are French producers who have been around for a while. Traumer I don’t know, but I looked him up and he’s French too, just a bit more of a newbie. So there we go. Mystery solved.