Day 88: Good luck

Day 88: Good luck

So, I know that the number “8” is lucky for many cultures — I wonder if 88 is like, über lucky? I hope so, ‘cuz I need some luck right now to beat this freaking allergy/cold/bullshit thing. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it, and believe me, I’m tired of writing about it 😛

And yet, here we are. If it persists much longer, I’ll see a doctor and get some kickass antibiotics. That’s the wonder of the age we live in, for sure. Don’t feel good? Okay, take these little easy-to-swallow things and it will all go away. Back in the day, all you had was really alcohol, and you always had to wake up from that shit not feeling better.

Today wasn’t as much of a day off as I had hoped, it kinda got hijacked by a lot longer of apartment stuff than I thought it would, but at the end of it all, it will do just fine. Got a nap in for a solid hour, then the Ho and I went to hang with our good friend Nikolai. It was his birthday celebration, which always kind of rings in the new year. I have photos of his birthday going back years now, and it always interesting to look at them, remember how things were that year, what I was up to, what my friends were up to. A lot has changed these past couple years, that’s for sure.

Anyway, it was at this legitly cool bar called The Churchill near by Nikolai’s house in the west side of hollywood — not quite WeHo, since that’s it’s own actual city, by adjacent to that. We stood around for a while, chatted with his Italian roommate, and then decided to walk down to this Taco joint and get some food, which was instantly an amazing decision. Had my first Jarritos, and the tacos were dope. Seriously, had a wonderful time.

Now home, and ready to cut this entry short. Long day ahead of me tomorrow, and the ‘ol Nyquil is starting to kick in. Wish me luck with this effing thing.

Tonight’s art, which kind of looks like “88” if you really look for it, is from Stay in Wonderland