Day 95: Lord help me

Day 95: Lord help me

Work day today. A bit stressful, too.

It’s apartment-related, so it can’t well be posted online, one of the drawbacks of having a public blog that millions read every day 😛

We’ll suffice it to say that people can be difficult, sometimes. It’s no new revelation, but it’s stressful all the same.

Editing work was a little stressful today, too. I didn’t get as much done as I’d wanted, and some other things that I don’t get paid for took up a bunch of time. I should have finished out the day strong, but I just found myself unable to focus, and opted to finally get the review for Ringworld started. That, actually, made me feel a little better, and now I think I can have that done by the weekend, or at least some time next week.

The month of January, as it officially comes to a close, was a failure on one front, and a victory on many others. It was a failure on the editing side of things. I do feel more secure in my job that there will be work for the conceivable future. I remember that was a concern when this month began, and I feel much better about that. I did fail, however, to get as much work as I’d set goals for myself. The sickness had A LOT to do with that, but it doesn’t really matter. With one more solid work day tomorrow, I will have done enough to break even for the month, including money aside for taxes. I can’t be unhappy about that at all, given how behind I was at a couple points. And, I did it without killing myself 😛

An hour or so later.

Decided to walk Kristen, Liz’s weekly Friday night compatriot, to her car. Then, ate some food and watched the second episode of Sherlock on Netflix. Such a good show, that one. Seriously, so entertaining. This second episode hasn’t been as good as the first one. But, then again, the first one was legitimately some of the best TV ever. For reals. This case is a little more plot-driven and less character rich. But, nonetheless, still extremely entertaining.

Now settling down for sleep.

I’m going back and forth on whether or not to just rest tomorrow. Give up the dream of making extra money this month, and just reset on Monday for February. I’ve made enough to pay the bills, just not enough for savings. We’ll see. The lessons I have checked out are easy ones, most likely, so I may not sit around. Or, I might. I don’t know.

Right now, though, I’m actually starting to feel better. Like, legitimately better. FINALLY. And, it’s not just drugs, because all those have worn off already. So, that’s pleasant. Even earlier today I was feeling the sickness. Not right now. I hope it’s a sign 😛

Sorry for all the complaining tonight. Was just in that mood, I suppose. I promise to only have nights like these every so often, and I think so far I’ve managed that quite well. Life isn’t a gloomy as it seems sometimes. And, I know exactly why I’m in the mood I am, and it has to do with stupid people beyond my control. Why am I deciding to be a writer, again? Lord help me.