Day 99: Feels Good

Day 99: Feels Good

I don’t know what to write about tonight 😛

It was a good day. Got all my work done, and made all the phone calls I needed to make for apartment stuff…it was a kick ass day, in fact. I wouldn’t say that these last two days have been effortless, because I’ve been pretty tired at the end of each of them, but they have been…easy. Even keeled. I knocked them out without breaking too much of a sweat. And man, does that feel good.

My mom got her surgery date today: March 10. It’s set. It’s happening. It’s literally a life-changer. Her risk of heart attack or stroke with how bad her apnea was (is) was crazy scary. Like, not an “if”, but a “when.” But, no more. There’s still some money stuff to be figured out coverage-wise with her insurance, and she has quite a deductible…but, it’s doable, and all that is beside the point. Why have money if you’re not going to be alive, or at least conscious to use it?

And, I continue to feel normal. I was worried that doing two normal work days right out of the gate of *just* starting to feel better could invite disaster, but I feel fine. Normal.

Liz and I watched another episode of last year’s Shameless before coming to bed, and I’m going to be honest: I really didn’t know if I was going to hang with the show. Literally nothing that was happening this season had me remotely interested…until tonight’s episode. And bam! They have me back. Ahhh, the writing on this show, when it’s good, is SO GOOD. This family, you just freaking love them. It’s “Cascade Failure,” written by a MadTV alum as Liz recognized, and the same person who plays the bit part as Frank’s lawyer.

So, that was refreshing. Really, it’s all about the first season of that show. Should have won an emmy that year, it was that fucking good. I think, that year too, they filmed entirely up in Chicago. Liz and I had an argument the other night about whether or not where a show films has an effect on the quality. Her argument was that it comes purely down to story, and vis a vis, the writing. I can’t really argue with that. It’s true. But…I also notice that every time a show I like starts filming the majority of it’s shit back in Los Angeles, it starts going off the rails. X-Files. True Blood. Shameless. God, there a many more, but I can’t think of them right now. Setting seems to matter a lot to me. I can tell when something’s in LA and it’s not supposed to be, and that bugs the shit out of me. The weather in season 1 of Shameless was quintessentially Chicago. They were there. There was no artifice to try and fake it. Now, for the past two seasons, we’re somehow always in the sunny summer version of Chicago.

Anywho, I think that’s two nights of TV ranting 😛 sorry

Tomorrow is set for some cleaning, some opening of an account at a new bank (ActorsFCU just isn’t cutting it these days), and some brainstorming with my new pilot idea. Some more writing on “The Searcher” short will also happen, too, most likely. That’s coming out in spurts. And, when I write it that way, I actually like what I see when I go back and read it. So, I’m going to stick with that method.

So yeah…no editing tomorrow, and I’ve earned it. Feels good.

Tonight’s artwork is apparently a movie that I need to see. I mean, look at that poster!