Day 105: The Reach is Far

Day 105: The Reach is Far

Work day today. They can seem very straightforward sometimes, not much to write about.

I did have something odd happen. The president of my (old) bank called me. Apparently, dear readers, the reach and influence of The Incrediblog is far and wide…and I say that fascitiously because I know exactly many (or few) people read this thing, I have the stats app. But apparently, it was enough for an off-hand comment from a few days ago about my intention to move banks to catch their attention and want to reach out. And I do mean off-hand…a fragment of a sentence, in fact.

On one hand, I appreciate the gesture. They don’t want people slagging their credit union, and rightly so. On the other hand, it was completely surreal, and a little unnerving. I was working at the time, and I didn’t see the message until this evening. I can also only assume that they are, in fact, reading this very post as well.

I haven’t decided if I will call the gentleman back, since I’ve already moved on from the “situation,” if you can even call it that, which you can’t, because there literally wasn’t ever a “situation”…but I will at the very least address the thing on here, since it all started (from their point of view) with these virtual pages.

I don’t mean to talk smack about ActorsFCU; they were instrumental in me being able to be a full-blown member of Equity, which is the stage Actors union for those who may not be aware. A huge badge of honor, and something I worked very hard for. They got me a loan to pay off my initiation dues in installments that literally made them no money because it was such a small amount. But, it was money I didn’t have at the time, and I needed the loan. In fact, it’s for that reason I’ll be staying a member, and keeping my savings account.

But, the decision to take up a checking account with a new bank was made a while ago. ActorsFCU quite simply just doesn’t have any branches near where I live. Couple that with that I’ve recently been hit with fees twice when trying to mail in deposited checks that for some reason took longer than they should to arrive, and then told there was nothing that could be done to reverse those fees just kind of hit home that having a credit union which I can actually visit is something I want. I do still receive checks, or even cash sometimes, and not having a branch to go to makes things more complicated. Especially when those complications end up costing me money (or holds on the deposited funds for up to a week).

So, there it is. No ill will, or even upset feelings. I just opened another checking account with a local bank. Simple as that. They didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t feel wronged, it was a business decision. It happened, and I didn’t even think twice about it, except to mention in one of these things that I was going to go do it.

To have that come back around from one of these posts, though, is surreal enough that it deserved to be documented.

Google alerts are powerful things, people. Now I know 😛

In closing, here’s some real truth: you want me to talk some actual smack about a bank, get me going on Chase (or really any actual bank). Those guys are straight-up shady motherfuckers. Some of it was downright predatory. Ugh. Go with a Credit Union, people! I’ll never go back.

Tomorrow is another work day, and I’m up too late.

Sorry, it’s just so *surreal* that I got that call today because somehow my blog showed up from mentioning the bank. Still can’t quite wrap my head around it. It’s even more surprising how tiny of a mention that popped up on their radar. This one must light them up like a christmas tree 😛

Hi guys! Greetings from California!

Okay, that’s it. Good night!

And yes, tonight’s artwork is from 1984…couldn’t resist!

Ps- I didn’t know that shit was made into a movie! Going to have to find this now…