Day 107: Mixed Bag

Day 107: Mixed Bag

Writing my blog on my computer tonight, which is always an odd feeling. I literally never write this thing at my computer, it’s always in bed on my iPad. Did I just drop that I own an iPad like a douche? Why, yes, yes I did. Freaking love that thing!

But, I digress. Today was a mixed bag. I did NOT get any writing done…which is the whole point of these “writing days”…as the title would imply. But, I DID get caught up on my editing, and that’s paying the bills right now…so that was a win. I also started my day off on time and kind of rocked it in the morning, just like I had planned out yesterday. It’s just that a few things took longer than I’d hoped, and all of the sudden, it was 2pm and I had to walk the dog at 4 and I still needed to get my editing done. So, I did, helped the Ho with an audition, and walked the Coops. Then finished up the last bit and took the rest of the night off with Liz.

We both really needed a night off. She didn’t have an audition to prepare for tomorrow, the first time that’s happened in like, two weeks. So, we went over some vet stuff for Coops tomorrow, and then settled in and watched the Olympics we needed to catch up on. Liz is a HUGE olympics fan. I am too, but not quite like her, so it’s fun to have someone to pull you in and really get into it. I don’t feel like we (USA) do as well at the winter olympics as we do in the summer, but I’m kind of past that. You really root for whoever is the best 😛

Also found a new artist that I’m kinda digging, and it passed the Liz test when I played some stuff for her. His name is Son Lux, found him on a Rainy Day Spotify playlist, and he was practically the only artist off that playlist that had other really cool stuff on their full albums. So, that’s cool. You should check him out!

Went to the driving range today, which was awesome. It’s been over a month since I went out and did something recreational in the outdoors. I’ve been working a LOT for a LONG TIME on trying to straighten out my drives, and lo and behold. Today, pretty much everything I hit was basically straight. At the very least, I didn’t have a single swing the produced the massive slice that’s plagued me since day 1 of getting-back-into-golf. So, that was very encouraging. I’m curious to see how the swing will do on the actual course, since one always tends to swing harder out there and lose form. Including yours truly.

So, tomorrow: we take Coops into the vet, then I have some apartment stuff to attend to, then I think it’s music and reading time to get me in the mood for some writing. I want to get all my ideas down onto “paper” tomorrow, that’s the goal. See if, maybe, by the end of this weekend, I can have my rough outline of the pilot. I also want to put in a solid hour (or two) on writing “The Searcher.” My goal, and I’m putting it here on the blog for all to see, is to have rough drafts of BOTH of these things done by the *middle* of March, so that I can then have second drafts done, or at least well underway, by the end of that month. So yeah, that means rough drafts, with a second pass from myself, AND sent off to get notes from my trusted compatriots. In four weeks. I can do it. The ideas are blossoming whenever I focus on them. Need to puke it out so I can start to make it good.

In closing, I freaking love my Spotify account…seriously. It’s the best way to listen to music. If you don’t have a Spotify premium account, you need to change your mind about that shit and just do it. The ENTIRE MUSIC WORLD is literally at your fingertips in full quality, and paying the artists you love. Do it. I’m all about it.

Have to get up early, so I’m signing off. It was a good day today, folks. I hope to repeat it tomorrow! With some WRITING this time 🙂

Tonight’s artwork comes from Ewe-squad, some really cool renderings of Trek-inspired space stations.