Day 111: Binary

Day 111: Binary

That’s a lot of 1’s up there, eh? 🙂 111. It’s a cool number, and it won’t happen again for ANOTHER 111 days. Seems so far off at this point. I wonder what I’ll be doing on day number 222.

Right now Liz is reading to me from Wikipedia about a bunch of old shuttered theme parks across america. There are SO MANY. Like, there used to be several in the LA area, like a Busch Gardens in Van Nuys (where the current Budweiser brewery is), and a Jungle Park USA out in Thousand Oaks.

I remember being so impressed with Disneyland and the monorail when I was a kid, I dreamed of building an amusement park on my parents property. How was I going to fund such an adventure, you might ask? By winning Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes, obviously. I remember filling one of those out with all the necessary stamps and stickers, and my mom mailing it off, sure that Ed McMahon was going to show up at my door with one of those giants checks, and I’d have the $10 million I needed to build my amusement park.

In Humboldt county.

Can you imagine if I’d won and actually done that? Number One, it would have been amazing. Number two, is also might have been the worst investment of $10 million in history. Humboldt County has like five people in it.

The amusement park would have been called Dinosaur Land, and although the full-scale renderings of my paper drawings were not to be, I did convert an entire section of our forest into a miniature Dinosaur Land, and we got a ton of use out of that. So, in the end, everything was as it should be.

I still felt pretty shitty today, but I sucked it up and got my work done, and as it stands right now, I actually feel better. At least energy-wise, and that’s literally the most important thing. If I have energy, that’s all I need to stay on track with what I want to get done every week. The chest cough is still there and, unfortunately, getting a little worse. Hopefully it just runs its own course and goes away. If not…well, it would mean on to another round of a different antibiotic. And, once you get past the first round, it starts to get more expensive, and more complicated.

BUT…that’s so far jumping the gun, it’s not fair to my immune system.

Come on guys! You can do it.

Also caught up on some Olympics coverage with the Ho. And that was about it. She was a little under the weather, too. I really hope I didn’t give her anything. I don’t think so, though. I think she was just fatigued from going out and dancing so hard last night.

Tomorrow is a work day, and a pretty normal one. I do have a slight bit, like 3 minutes, of extra work I want to get done to have me *completely* caught up from Friday’s behind-ness…but, to offset that, it’s three lessons that should be pretty easy. So, I can do it.

Hoping to wake up and feel pretty normal. Wish me luck.

Tonight’s monorail image comes courtesy of Interactive Expedition.