Day 113: And I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside

Day 113: And I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside

Little joke there. For the nerds.

It’s a bit of a cockney-style headline tonight, albeit without the rhyming scheme.

You see, I’m dying. Yup, body has given over to this whole cold/flu/pneumonia bullshit and just thrown in the towel. So, I was thinking along the lines of “I’ll see you in hell” for tonight’s title. But that seemed so aggressive for such an innocent blog as this one. It also seemed to have far too much fight in it, which I definitely do not have tonight. So, I opted for a line from the same character in that one movie that was just a few minutes later. And it’s perfect.

Ugh, guys. Today was rough. Like, fever time around 3 in the afternoon and I zonked till after the sun went down. And it’s all weird, too. This started with general fatigue and a cough. Well, now the cough seems to be gone (although I’ll believe that when I see it), and what’s replaced it are straight up flu symptoms. Or a cold. I don’t know, even my body seems confused. Like, right now, all of the sudden I have a crazy-ass headache, and I’m also fever-free. It’s like I’m on a magical ride of all the shit that can kiiiinddaaa hurt in the body. And linger. Ps- nobody enjoys this ride. Never a line for it. Or “queue” as you crazy Brits would say.

Still got some work done. Couldn’t get a full day in, but that was no surprise to me around the aforementioned fever o’clock. If I can get just a few hours of work in over the next five days or so, I should still be able to eek out a full week’s quota of editing, and hopefully that puts me next week in position to finish earning as much as I want. I can do it. Littler bites here and there, then sleepy times.

Not kidding about this headache. Feels like someone is pulling a metal wire through one temple and out the other. Yikes. Took some benadryl, though, so it shouldn’t be long now. Sweet, sweet bendryl. Shushing me as it forces my head down into sleep. You know, like that scene from Saving Private Ryan where the German slowly stabs the guy upstairs as the other guy is cowering downstairs. I’m the guy getting stabbed, Benadryl is the crazy shush-ing german, and the knife is…sleep. No idea who the cowering guy is downstairs in this scenario. Didn’t think that far.

Ah yes, I can feel it already. Drowsiness. Tickling at the edges of my vision.

In all honesty, it doesn’t actually do that much for me. I’m already tired when I take the allergy pill. It mostly helps me fall asleep by allowing me to breathe. But, it does add to the drowsiness, for sure.

Wow, this is fascinating stuff, guys. Let’s move on.

Liz and I were able to sit and watch the True Detective from last Sunday. Holy bejesus is that show getting more and more fun. It’s playing out like a novel, and I freaking love it. We’re essentially caught up to the present now, which I won’t go into any detail, lest I ruin stuff for those who don’t have HBO. I still, definitely, have issues with the writing here and there, but it’s phenomenal at what it needs to be phenomenal at. Love the show.

We also watched some of the Olympics we had recorded from the weekend. Anyone else think that the US is kind of crap this year? It seriously seems like we’ve sucked at pretty much everything. Except for the Ice Dancing, ie- Figure Skating Lite. Those two are killing it. The rest of us, even when we medal, seem to have been a disappointment overall. Ie- It was expected that we’d sweep the podium, or something. Or, maybe the announcers are just overzealous when predicting our chances in an event. That’s entirely possible, too. But, we’re definitely not killing it out there.

Okay, that’s all for tonight, and may the farce be with you, always.

Tonight’s cheeky artwork is courtesy of SplitReason.