Day 115: Feverish

Day 115: Feverish

Still solidly in the sick zone. Slept most of the day today. I have to immediately give a huge huge shout out to the Ho — I’d set today up to be a 4 hour marathon of apartment showings, not knowing (obviously) that I’d be feverish and incompetent. Well, she stepped up in a huge huge way and did all the showings, and we even got two applicants. Two. She’s better at my job than I am.

So yeah, I know she reads this: thank you bear!

Took a two hour nap from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight, and I was *out*. Solid. Dead to the world in every way possible.


I mean, this really blows. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to be able to take the time to heal, but it blows. I’m not quite at the breaking point yet because I’ve really only been on the feverish side of things for like three days now, but I’m really really really hoping that I wake up tomorrow, or even Saturday feeling better. At least enough to get back to work. Catch up. Finish February on goal. And make up for lost writing time next month.

In other news, Cooper has been so freaking cute lately. He’s finally kind of gotten used to me lazing around, it doesn’t weird him out like it did the first time around, and he’s just been suuuuper snuggly. He’s taken to sleeping behind my back, smooshed up against me, when I’m on my side. He likes it. I like it. It’s a good arrangement.

Hey, I finished “Rendezvous with Rama” today, so that’s cool. Clarke even made a genuinely poignant moment at the end, when the crew of the Endeavour is forced to quickly abandon the megastructure they’ve spent so much time exploring. It’s a great book, guys. Really looking forward to that write-up.

This whole sci-fi-classic-a-month schedule has really worked out quite well, actually. And it’s not something I seem to have to scramble to try and finish each month, like a deadline or anything. It’s the natural pace at which I’m reading. A book a month. I can totally handle that. That means I’ll have read 12 books by the time I get back to October of this year, a year from when I started this blog. I’ve already read five. Only three reviews since I counted “Foundation” as a trilogy, but that was three full books…so that’s five. In five months. Love it 🙂

With that genuinely upbeat thought, I shall leave you this evening. Not sure what I’ll be reading next, maybe Heinlein since he’s the last of the “giants” that I haven’t read, but we’ll see. I’ll let you know when I get started.

Goodnight and well wishes from the sickly one.

Tonight’s artwork is the interior of Rama, courtesy of Skeptical Radicalism.