Day 117: Nap Hands

Day 117: Nap Hands

I feel so out of it right now.

You know that period coming out of being sick where you’re pretty much better, but you not *completely* better yet? The symptoms have pretty much gone away, fever hasn’t come back, you’re winning…but you’re not quite back to yourself yet? Yeah. That. I’m in the middle of that.

I was feeling winded after a morning of apartment stuff and so I laid down with the Coops to take a little nap, with aspirations of getting some editing work done.


Dead to the world for two solid hours. How the fuck did that happen?

Same thing when coming home tonight after going to the Zoom Room for their 1-year anniversary party. Laid down, and was like, I’ll rest for a few minutes and then get up and eat some dinner.


Dead to the world for another two solid hours.

Napping like that isn’t normal. It makes you feel all weird and floaty. Like, my arms and hands aren’t really there. The Ho and I used to call it “nap hands,” where they’re just all kinds of floppy and useless. Except this is, like, my entire body. Mind included. I almost forgot to write tonight’s entry.

Anywho, went and saw a kid’s puppet show today at Nerdmelt, which is, apparently, the only place I ever go to these days. And I didn’t even pick this show at Nerdmelt to go to, it just happened. I was back there. It is undoubtedly the happening place to be. Second only, perhaps, to UCB when it comes to nights of comedy…but I’d say they have a slightly different edge since they do lots of other stuff besides Improv and sketch shows. It’s a very interesting, and a very happening place. Whoever is responsible for creating this 7-days-a-week backroom entertainment nexus was quite the visionary.

Also had a *second* prospective tenant fall through on this apartment we’re trying to rent. That’s always a bummer. Usually, if people apply for an apartment in our building, they take it. But, not always. There are those who like to apply first, and then decide later. We’ve had two of those in a row. But, no matter. The interest on this apartment seems to be pretty strong.

Man…that’s really all I have to talk about today. It was a weird day.

Oh, I’m thinking of names to call my A’s baseball blog that I’ll (probably) do this year. I haven’t figured out what sort of format I’d like it to be, because I definitely don’t want it to intrude on my other writing, but there has to be a way to do it and do it quickly enough. There are some cool ideas. It will, of course, be part of this here Incrediblog, but I’ll probably buy the domain name I like and have that redirect to here. Some day, maybe even do a podcast with it. We’ll see how much time I have and how much I want to put into it.

No rules!

That’s kind of what makes this blog so much fun, you guys. It can literally be whatever I want it to be. I’ve found a wonderful consistency in that. It doesn’t have to be anything other than what I make it at the time. Just pure download. Pure Ira.

I’m so sorry.

Good night 😉

Tonight’s futuristic sleepy artwork it another of these super-realistic 3D modeling stills, this time by the talented Siamon89.