Day 126: Gathering

Day 126: Gathering

Third day writing an hour, and I’m really starting to enjoy it, actually. I can already feel some momentum building, and I really don’t know why it took me so fucking long to just do this. BUT, that feeling is very very much tempered by the fact that I’m just honestly glad to be *doing* it.

I opted to write today on my short story, and I’m glad I did. It’s really, really nice to have more than once project to be writing at the same time. It felt fresh, going back to write the short. Something new, and exciting. And I had new ideas. I think maybe I’ll write tomorrow on the short as well, and then go back to the pilot. I don’t know. It’s just nice to have a couple things to go back and forth between. If one of them is pissing me off, or I just feel like I’m spinning a bit in circles, hop on over to the other and find comfort. And inspiration.

Tomorrow is going to be a work day. It’s actually going to happen. And likely the rest of my days this week. We’ll see, I might slip one full day off in there somewhere. But, tomorrow, at the very least, will be a work day. Looking forward to it, a bit, actually. It’s getting planned out on the calendar.

I’m also deciding right here and now that I need to start doing push-ups, sit-ups, and lower back supermans every morning. For the rest of the month. My back is in pitiful shape, even as I’m sitting here with it resting up against two pillows. Not okay. I need to fix that. All this working is sitting work, and I have to be more conscious about my trust ol’ back. So yeah, that’s happening too.

Look at everything I’m getting done tonight 😛

I can feel everything starting to gather again, just adding this little decision to devote an hour every single day to putting work in what I really, actually want to be doing. It feels great. I do feel like I could be doing more, already, but I’m trying to resist that. It does me no good to try and do everything all at once, and then burn out for weeks afterwards. I’m giving this “less is more” thing a solid try. So far it’s awesome.

We either pulls things towards us, or we push them away. I want to be pulling things in right now. I need tomorrow to be a good work day. That’s the next, immediate step.

Good night!

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