Day 127: A Twist

Day 127: A Twist

Work work work. That’s all I feel like I do sometimes. Coming from the guy who took almost all of last week off due to “exhaustion.” Jesus. I suppose it’s more the promising of myself that any given day will be a day in which so much work gets done, and when it doesn’t fully get done, I’ve still spent the day working, and yet I have a hard time actually calling it a work day…

Today was one of those days. Except for, surprise surprise, the writing. Which I just finished.


Ending the day on a high note. I thought most of the hour today would be filled with research. I was looking at TV drama plot structure. Very very important in the TV world, having the proper number of acts. And, while it was doing kind of a “light” hour of work, it nonetheless was undoubtedly going to be important and helpful. As it turned out, it made the prospect of writing this fucking thing much MUCH more transparent. All my signposts are right there! Steps 1, 2, 4, 5, etc. All mapped out. It’s like a fucking fill in the blank! Will be much, much more complicated than that eventually, to be sure, but man. The plot is all there, I just have to make some decisions about where to go. I mean, how can any script ever get written without starting your outline with “cold open, 5 pages, introduce the crisis. Act 1, 12 pages, introduce characters in status quo, inciting incident happens, and off we go on our episode’s adventure.” If it’s a mystery, we find our first clue. Etc. I mean, it’s genius.

The complicated part are fleshing out the characters, and that’s where I really surprised myself tonight. Made some discoveries about my main hero(ine) that I really really like…some stuff that makes me excited to actually start writing. And, and this is almost even huge-er…I figured my cold open. It was the same way with my DJ sets back in the day…I had *nothing* without my opening track to set the mood in the baddest-ass way possible. My best sets had the best opening tracks. Same thing with my scripts. If I’ve got a kick ass cold open, or opening scene, whatever, I know that what follows can kick some ass.

Anyway, it’s late, and there’s more work to be done tomorrow. Tomorrow’s focus is simply to get up and start my editing work on time. That’s it. If I can do that, I think I can be sitting here tomorrow confidently saying that I’m catching up on editing work as opposed to continuing to fall behind.

Thanks for listening, guys.

Ps- you may have noticed (or not) that my posts are not appearing on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr feeds for the past couple weeks. Well, the social media plug-in I use that automatically posts to those mediums is not working at the moment. Hopefully, it’s fixed soon. Traffic is way down 😛

Tonight’s ghostly image is courtesy of VFX artist Dylan Cole.