Day 128: The Kill

Day 128: The Kill

Just finished a dope writing session. Did I just say “dope?” Hells yeah I did.

Tonight was all about this main character in the pilot I’m meandering my way through. I have a muse, and I couldn’t be more excited to give life to her. It’s somebody that I want to see. She’s getting more depth, more history, more personality…and tonight I could put a face on her and it literally gave me chills.

Yes, I am that dramatic. There was also music involved.

Have I gone off on music before on this blog? I don’t think I have. Music can be very intense for me, chill-inducing at times that literally come in waves. There’s a psychological profile on that called “openness to experience,” it’s a real thing, and it’s not the same in all of us. There’s quite a bit of variation. Growing up, I’d always kind of assumed that everyone had the same reactions to music, but as I went along, met more people, I realized that we don’t all get the same sensations from music. It makes sense, in my case, that I get such a strong sensation; my mom has frequently told anyone who will listen how sound obsessed I was as a little guy. Apparently, everything I touched I’d knock with my hand to hear how it sounded. I’m a very auditory person.

And yet, I never had the drive to become a musician. I honestly don’t know why that is…perhaps because playing an instrument is also such a tactile thing? I don’t know. But movies and books and TV have been head and shoulders my obsession since forever. As far back as I can remember.

Anyway, it as an awesome writing session. And unexpected. I was so tired tonight sitting down to start writing, and then there were some computer issues. I didn’t think it was going to happen. I mean, I was going to sit there for the whole hour, not saying the writing challenge would be over on day four…but I didn’t think I had anything in the tank. See! That’s why this writing every day thing is genius. You never ever know when the really good shit is going to fly out of your fingers, so you have to use those fingers every day.

Also got good editing work done today, so that’s also great. And, we had friends over for a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity tonight, which was honestly one of the funniest (and longest) rounds I’ve ever played. It’s literally impossible to not have fun playing that game.

Tomorrow, it’s more of the same: editing work, some apartment follow-up stuff, and the hour of writing. I’m guessing that the majority of the days in these first several weeks of the challenge will be just the minimums because of all the “extra curriculars,” but for now that’s totally fine with me. I’m *super* jazzed at how much I’ve been able to get done already.

And super excited to be writing blogs about things other than “got a lot of editing done today.” I don’t want to be editing for the rest of my life, or even this year. So these blogs make me happy.

Fuck I’m tired. Good night.