Day 129: ZZzzzzzz

Day 129: ZZzzzzzz

Ira, thy name is exhaustion. I am very, very tired right now 😛

In a good way. Today was shaping up to be kind of a frustrating day, but it ended well. I did my writing hour first thing, before heading out and getting muh hurr cut. That’s ghetto-speak for haircut, in case you got thrown there for a hot second.

It was a research day thinking about the next major, major set piece of the pilot series, which is the serial killer we’re actually chasing. Little bit important, huh. Ya. Anywho, have some ideas on that front. Nothing nailed down yet, but some things that might be interesting. Eyes. That’s all I’m going to say about it. For now.

Then, it was editing, and I actually got a fair amount done today. Not as much as I had hoped, but honestly, what I’d set for goals was pretty much impossible given everything else I needed to do. I’ll catch up eventually. I know that now 😛

And this month was going to be fucked regardless because of the trip up to take care of my mom after her surgery. That’s happening on Monday. It’s crazy how quickly that came up, sitting now on my doorstep. I’m actually very very glad it’s here. I mean, I feel pain for my mom in that she’s going to be very uncomfortable for a decent chunk of time as her jaws heal, but that will just be temporary. The opening of her airways should be permanent. Which is *huge*.

Anywho, that’s all I have time for tonight. Oh, except to say that the Ho and I finally got around to watching the season premier of Hannibal, and it is BAAALLLEEERRRRR. So freaking good. For reals. Nothing even really happened in this episode, but it was still fucking cool. They’re setting up a lot of fun stuff, including the new serial killer.

And with that, I bid you all adieu.

Tonight’s white future is brought to you by CGI artist Dan Brown.