Day 131: Squirrel!

Day 131: Squirrel!

Indeed. It was one of those days, where there was so much to be across so many different areas, I felt rather distracted.

But, I wasn’t, actually. All of the things I got done today needed to be done before I leave tomorrow. It was lots of editing, changing out lightbulbs, arranging for apartment work to be done next week, helping the Ho with the avalanche of scenes that she’ll be doing next week.

It was a busy day. And, still, lots more to be done tomorrow before driving up to the Bay.

So…on that note, I bid you adieu. But not before saying that yes, I did my writing hour today, legit. It was spent fixing a PDF version of The Crime Classification Manual so I can read it on my kindle, but that *absolutely* counts. I’ll only read it if it’s on my kindle, and doing it during off-writing and off-work times, so the hour spent today doing that will pay dividends. I suppose I’m being an apologist for how I spent my hour today because I really did want to do some actual *writing*…but I also know how important research is to good writing. I’ve never really done it before to this extent, so I also don’t want to diminish activities that facilitate that.

Perhaps, I should consider adding specific time to the writing challenge exclusively for research…that might be a brilliant idea.

Something to think about as the Bendryl hazes my consciousness. Yup. Allergies are back in force tonight.

Good Night!